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Premiering today on Dekkoo is a 6-part series, Out on Stage – featuring 18 LGBT comedians (3 per episode) from across the country who now reside in luscious Los Angeles. Hosted by Zac Noe Towers, the approximate 30-minute episodes rollick in the splendor of gaydom.

“I don’t think comedy is an easy field for anyone, but it can sometimes be especially difficult for those of us with unique, diverse voices,” said host Zac Noe Towers. “We’re a much smaller percentage of the population, stage time can be harder to come by, and often times audiences aren’t as willing to give us a chance. Even our peers can present a challenge. This is why projects like Out on Stage are so important. It not only provides a platform for new queer voices on the rise, but it brings us together.”

And on that note, since comedy is totally relative, instead of sharing my opinion of the series, I have given each comedian’s set a few taglines (by episode) to hopefully give you hints to the subject matters in each episode, and possibly to ignite in you the need to watch the entire series.

Before we begin, here is the list of comedians (in no particular order): Kyle Shire, Jonathan Rowell, Gloria Bigelow, Jordan Pease, Brandon Scannell, Julian Michael, Janine Brito, Irene Tu, Joe Dosch, Anthony Desamito, Raneir Pollard, A.B. Cassidy, Daniel Webb, Chris Bryant, Jared Goldstein, Eric Hahn, Casey Ley, and Zac Noe Towers.

Their ages range from early mid-20s to 50 years old, and come from all across the U.S., and obviously from different backgrounds and ethnicity – the only thing in common (besides stand-up) is they all be homos.

So, some of the taglines are obvious while others more obscure, and again the purpose is to let you decide which episodes (if any or all) spark interest. Enjoy!

Episode 1: gay assassin, little Chinese girl, gay actors, objectification, guns and alcoholism, and the birth of a bear

Episode 2: Jafar-level gay, novelist Lorraine, muumuus, dooms day prep, fingering, and PSAs

Episode 3: #blind, Uberpooling, all about condiments, being LLE, Padawan trained, and click-n-pop

Episode 4: Being gay-empt, ball-buster transitioning, gothic Christians, mystery dinner party, and ghost cyberbullying

Episode 5: Plop-plop whiz-whiz, Wendy’s proposal, unqualified white guy, Hollywood triple threat, and bird box

Episode 6: 3 miles and 40 inches, penis face, fur traps, pickle me once, and standard blow jobs

I hope all of these taglines, or some piqued your intrigue. However, in my humble opinion, each episode is pretty much worth the 30 or so minutes.

Out on Stage is now out on Dekkoo, a subscription-based streaming app, dekkoo.com.

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