Gay mayor Pete Buttigieg exploring 2020 presidential run

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South Bend, Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, 37, makes what some believe a bold yet premature announcement today that he’s actively exploring a run for the 2020 presidency. He says via video released this morning, “I belong to a generation that is stepping forward right now. We’re the generation that lived through school shootings, that served in the wars after 9/11. And we’re the generation that stands to be the first to make less than our parents.”

His announcement makes him the first openly LGBTQ elected official to run for President of the US.

“There’s a new generation of voices emerging in our country, walking away from the politics of the past and ready to deliver on our priorities. There is no ‘again’ in the real world; that’s not a bad thing,” Buttigieg also says in the video. “We are ready for a fresh start.”

Elected as mayor in 2012, Buttigieg is also a lieutenant in the Naval Reserves, a Harvard graduate, and a Rhodes Scholar. In 2017, he ran for Democratic National Committee chair but eventually withdrew from the race. Then, in June 2018, Buttigieg married his husband Chasten Glezman.

While Democrats applaud Buttigieg, Republicans quickly blasted Buttigieg’s announcement, suggesting his leadership of South Bend does not merit a presidential run.

“Before Buttigieg wastes time on a presidential campaign, he should focus on his town’s sea of potholes and sky-high crime rate,” Michael Ahrens, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, told CNN. “His bid isn’t just bad news for residents, it’s more proof that Democrats are about to endure the most crowded, divisive, and contentious primary in history.”

Photo via Facebook: Chasten Glezman & Pete Buttigieg

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