Gay candidate to make SLC mayoral race bid today

Openly gay Christian Harrison, candidate for Salt Lake City Mayor and Chair of the Salt Lake City Downtown Community Council issues the following statement regarding the withdrawal of Mayor Jackie Biskupski from the mayoral race:

“I entered this race because I believed in my vision for Salt Lake City. Mayor Biskupski and I disagree on a lot, but we both love this city. I look forward to continuing to make this race about the challenges Salt Lake City faces, and not the playground politics that has divided us for too long.

I hope you will join me today at 12:30 p.m., on the east side of City Hall, to hear more about my vision. I wish Mayor Biskupsi and her family all the best.”

Harrison will be speaking outside City Hall on the east side of the building, giving a brief speech where he lays out his vision for the city and how he plans to lead. Press and the public are encouraged to attend.

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