Utah Pride 2019

Mayor Biskupski welcomes you to Pride

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Over the last three and a half years, it has been a privilege to welcome everyone to Salt Lake City for Utah Pride. As the first openly gay elected official in Utah, it has always been a particularly moving thing for me to help raise the Pride flag over Washington Square each year as your mayor.

Salt Lake City continues to stand as a beacon of hope in Utah for those who want to live their lives openly, honestly, and without fear. Utah Pride, which grows bigger and brighter each year, has been a symbol of this unwavering support for LGBTQ people and marginalized communities and will remain so.

Pride will always be about celebrating and honoring who we are. In both our commonality and differences, we stand together. This year, as we mark the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, we are also reminded of our history, and of the hard work and perseverance, we shared in getting here.

Let us never forget that we can celebrate this week, parade down the streets of Utah’s capital city, and celebrate with our families and loved ones in safety BECAUSE a generation of activists were willing to be the first to march, the first to run, and the first to get back up when they fell.

With a fabulous parade and parties as the backdrop, we must still be aware and never take for granted the collective effort we have spent in securing our rights to live, work, and love how we choose. We are galvanized in the cause of human and civil rights. It is up to each one of us to carry on the momentum of that work.

As I end my term as your mayor, I am proud of what we have accomplished as a community. And I am grateful to the love and support I have felt from LGBTQ people, who helped inspire me to do all I could to build a city for everyone.

Please enjoy the time with your friends, families, and visitors in Salt Lake City. And of course, stay safe out there.

Happy Pride!

With warm regards,

Jackie Biskupski


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