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Pride Entertainment Lineup

Saturday, June 1
Main Stage

1:40 pm  Marina Marqueza

Marqueza’s ambitious, uplifting, and sensual lyrics and their energetic synths will get you in mood for a celebration. She was recently named the #1 artist to watch in Salt Lake City by City Weekly.

2:35 pm  Opening Ceremony

See who will be carrying the torch!

3:05 pm  The Performer Studio

The Performer Studio is a vocal arts school and production company whose purpose is to empower people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to confidently express their singing voice, and with it, create positive change in their lives, their community, and the world. Their mission is to encourage inclusiveness, free expression, self-discovery, strong work ethics, creative thinking, and skilled performance on a variety of stage venues.

3:30 pm  Cheer Salt Lake

Cheer Salt Lake’s mission is to serve and raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer and other life threatening conditions through the sport of cheerleading. As a proud member of the Pride Cheerleading Association, they are composed of adults of all ages, body types, races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations. Cheer Salt Lake values the beautiful diversity our community offers and believes that together we will work hard to provide the most exhilarating crowd-pleasing performances so that we may help those in need.

4:10 pm  Mel Soul & The Messenger feat. Rufio

Mel Soul & The Messenger consists of The Messenger’s 25 years of experience and Mel Soul’s 8 years performing as a singer and songwriting. Mel Soul & The Messenger musical sound has spiritual meaning behind their music and their message nourishes the soul. They play original songs and covers, soon releasing a new EP this year. They are now available to perform at bars, events, charities, fundraisers, cruises, parties, and weddings near you.

5:20 pm  Orphans Cabaret

Once upon a time, a group of musicians awoke to discover they had been left all alone. Not to let fate rule with a ragged and ugly fist, these musical orphans began to create. It was unlike anything they had done before; it had a certain “flair pour la fantaisie” that sounded reminiscent of the cabarets and soirees they had all attended in countless lives past.

6:30 pm  Ginger & The Gents

No frills, just gritty rock n roll, with a whole ‘lotta soul to blow your hair back, hit you in the gut and pluck on your heart strings. Ginger & The Gents puts a contemporary spin on the classic story we know as rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a little salty, and a little sweet but it ain’t no appetizer. It’s a main course, crafted to put meat on your bones. We hope you’re hungry. It’s supper time.

7:40 pm  Rebel Rebel

Formed in 2016 by three friends who didn’t know how to play instruments, they’ve been playing punk (inspired by modern acts like Screaming Females and PUP, and more classic bands like Tears For Fears and Talking Heads) ever since. Starting with solid punk on the 2017 EP, The Gospel Truth, they moved into writing more complex and personal pop songs without sacrificing the intensity that made them so fun in the first place. Energetic, loud, and covered head to toe in glitter; Rebel Rebel is Salt Lake City’s premier glitter trash band.

8:50 pm  Shecock & The Rock Princess

Drag. Punk. Call it what you want, this power trio is relentless! With their driving rhythms, groove-heavy bass and shrieking guitars under The Rock Princess’ deep raspy outspoken voice, Shecock continues to twist the lines of gender and genre.

9:50 pm  Aja

As a nonbinary queer artist and performer, Aja (they/them pronouns) is bringing the art of drag into the masc-dominated world of hip-hop. With their critically-acclaimed debut EP, In My Feelings (May 2018) and breakout on RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, Aja has performed epic live shows around the world, dedicated to uplifting their fans and empowering them to be in control of their own destiny.

Stonewall Stage

1:10 pm  Good Company

Downtown Ogden’s only theatre company. Good Company Theatre promotes high-quality and eclectic theatrical productions that forge new relationships between audiences, performers and spaces.

2 pm  Music and Art Collective

The Music and Art Collective is a safe and nuturing place for youth ages 8-18 to express themselves artistically, this program is aimed at giving kids the tools and experiences to not only help them in their current world, but to help them go through life.

3:05 pm  Pride Revue

3:55 pm  LASN

LASN grapples with modern politics and social issues through classic punk stylings and high-tempo rock riffs. Formed in 2017, LASN consists of local scene legends Ben Sears and Duncan Reynolds, joined by recent Utah transplant Joe Tamasonis. In an era where bigots are emboldened and the most vulnerable among us are at risk, LASN seeks to build community, solidarity, and a safe space to express anti-establishment rage.

4:55 pm  Fists in the Wind

SLC QWR PUNX/ SING-ALONG feat. Matttherat prttyxprtty

5:55 pm  Stop Karen

Ugh! Stop Karen is not another folk punk band.

6:55 pm  Contagious Punk

Punk Band From SLC, Utah. A bunch of teenagers doing music and stuff.

7:55 pm  Toda

Singer, songwriter, producer, warrior, existentialist, queer. Angry, dissatisfied with everyday life, anxious, sleepy and hungry.

9:05 pm  The Violet Temper

The Violet Temper is a two piece shoegaze doom band made up of Cache Tolman and Lindsay Heath.

10:10 pm  The Pho3nix Child

The Pho3nix Child is an unapologetic, feminine presence whose goals are to spread a conscious message through an original hip-hop sound. As a lyricist, a poet, and a rapper, The Pho3nix Child combines poetry, art, and hip-hop to paint a lyrical portrait of love, and elevation.

DJ & Spoken Word Stage

1 pm  When She Speaks | Hear the Revolution

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution open mic is a one-of-a-kind space in Salt Lake. In this space, the voices of marginalized individuals — women, trans, queer/LGBTQ, PoC — are highlighted and celebrated, and poets, writers, musicians, and people from all backgrounds can come together and share their work.

2:05 pm  Wanting to Die Poetry Club

The Wanting to Die Poetry club aims to celebrate the inherent beauty of literature and the work of writers in our community. Featured readers: Kenan Ince, Jo Corbett, Ysa Pitman, Rose Rat, Prtty Prtty, and Elena Rogers.

3 pm  Pride SlamFest Prelims

Watch SLC best spoken word artists compete in SlamFest.

5 pm  Skittish and Bus

Married Salt Lake City DJ and producer duo, Skittish & Bus play all kinds of events, clubs, and festivals throughout the west, but being part of SLC Pride is extra special to them. The passion, empowerment and expression in our community is something amazing to belong to. Thinking about how great SLC Pride is at dancing and expression, makes them “go weak in the knees.”

7 pm  DJ Flame Fatale

Flame Fatale first started performing in drag in 2006 and enjoyed a great career in wigs all over SLC (including winning Mrs Gay Pride XXI)! In 2016, Flame took off the wigs and the heels and the lashes and and picked up the headphones to put his love of music to the dance floor. He has held a residency at JAM, spun for AIGA events as well as local drag shows, and won “Best DJ at a Gay Bar” in 2017. Flame believes the dance floor is Queer church and music the uniting communion.

9 pm  Pulse Regime

USA based trance pusher Pulse Regime aspires to create a diverse repertoire of both uplifting and dark musical melodies. Having earned support from industry leaders such as Armin Van Buuren, Aly & Fila, and Stoneface & Terminal; Pulse Regime has solidified himself as a growing force in the American electronic music community. Being known for his high energy live performances, you won’t want to miss this unique act.

Sunday, June 2
Main Stage

11:35 am  Soul Correction

Soul Correction, a Salt Lake City project featuring Erica Rose (Vocals/Guitar), Dave Desprez (Drums) and Kam Wansel (Bass). Digging up our roots with a deep collection of British and American Blues Rock, Rock n’ Roll and funky soul covers.

12:35 pm  Salt Lake Acting Company

Salt Lake Acting Company’s beloved send-up of Utah politics and culture, Saturday’s Voyeur, returns for its 41st year of raucous fun. Stop by the main stage on Sunday catch selections from this year’s rendition of this Utah classic.

1:10 pm  Salt Lake Men’s Choir

The Salt Lake Men’s Choir is one of Utah’s oldest member-supported arts organizations. For over 30 years we have been bringing diversity to Salt Lake City through song, helping dispel hate and prejudice, and building bridges between the gay and non-gay communities.

1:50 pm  Talia Keys and The Love

Talia Keys is a genre crossing multi-instrumental “musical powerhouse” bringing you her brand of Soul-Funk-Rock n’ Roll, with unique vocal stylings and a storytelling flow.

3 pm  LaFemmebear

Lafemmebear (aka LeahAnn Mitchell) was an up-and-coming music producer and engineer in Los Angeles, with a self-titled EP in early 2018, she is dropping a lush, eclectic #-song collection entitled #FEMMEBEARCLXTV featuring Bay Area artists Najee Amaranth, Yona T., and Robert Ross, among others. #FEMMEBEARCLXTV is a genre-blending experiment in soulful and rhythmic afro-beats mixed with hip hop and jazz.

4 pm  Those Bitches @ Club Try-Angles

Those Bitches @ Club Try-Angles have been around since 2014. Given their name from community members since they were nameless at the time, they are resident performers at one of the last remaining gay bars in SLC. Those Bitches thrive to represents the queer community as a whole. From drag queens to kings to non-binary performers, they are dedicated to create a safe place to express queer culture and queer diversity through performance art. Performing the last Wednesday of each month, Those Bitches show their talents through lip syncing, dancing, spoken word, live singing, comedy, and so much more.

5:25 pm  Mary Tebbs

Mary is a singer/songwriter committed to sharing and exploring further my journey into awareness and discovering more deeply my connection to the universe. She’s excited to share her personal discovery of the fullness of what a gift this life is and that it’s up to each one of us to create the life that we want. Every obstacle holds a huge gift for us to unearth and mine, if we choose to perceive it that way. And the opportunity to explore and make choices that embody our own personal truth can be a continuing learning experience full of joy and surprise and love.

6:30 pm  Samba Fogo

Samba Fogo brings the joy, celebration and history of Brazilian Samba to life on stage and in the classroom. Drawing inspiration from rich Brazilian Carnival traditions, Samba Fogo features elaborate costuming, fancy footwork, and deeply-rooted movement, all set to the pulse of live drums.

Stonewall Stage

11:25 am  MiNX

MiNX infuses their performance with visual elements, sometimes campy and vaudevillian, and the costumes and stage-props they sometimes employ are simply cherries on top of the already compelling show. Their latest endeavor, Being MiNX, was written to be performed both Unplugged or backed by tracks produced by the dynamic duo, and either way, Raffi and Ischa’s chemistry never disappoints, with or without multi-media presentation.

12:25 pm  Sincerely, The Universe

Hi, we’re a band, so that’s pretty fun! Abigail | Gavin | Ginger | Gwen | Hanna | Hannah

1:25 pm  Wiltavious

Wiltavious is a recording artist from Lanett, Alabama. His new single “Dontplaywitme” is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

1:55 pm  Provo United

Enjoy this collective of performers from Provo, Utah.

3:05 pm The Plucky Vigors

Cali Bee (bass/vocals), Grace LaFace (ukelele/vocals), Anni Gordon (fiddle/guitar/vocals), and Haley Noel (banjo/vocals) join forces to create an energetic and varied sound that highlights harmonies, original lyrics, and the instrumental talents of each.

4:15 pm  Keyvin VanDyke

“I was born between worlds. Stretched thin by words that do not define ME. I am NOT straight nor gay. I am NOT black nor white. We were NOT made for boxes. We are not clean….we are Vibrant with Color…
We radiate…with LOVE…we are here to harmonize with each other…”

5:20 pm  Phobia The Greatest

Salt Lake City’s very own Phobia The Greatest, up and coming artist, is bringing a whole new sound to the music industry, with her 2018 single “Blue Band$”.

6:10 pm  Alicia Faith

Let Alicia and her band — Justin Henderson, Casey Henderson, Jennica Henderson, and Jason Stevens — get you moving through music.

DJ & Spoken Word Stage

12:05 pm  Ashley Finley

Poet/writer Ashley Finley invites the world around her to accompany her on her journey of self discovery and self-realization.

1 pm  Pride SlamFest Finals

Who’s the best in spoken word??

2:55 pm  Miss City Weekly Winners

Meet the winners of this year’s most prestigious drag personality competition in Utah.

3:15 pm  DJ Suzy Solyom

DJ Suzy is an incredible open format DJ who prides herself on the ability to please a crowd throughout any setting. She has performed on stages in nightclubs, private events, public concerts and has been heard on multiple commercial radio stations. Most recently she provided direct support for the Twilight Concert Series and this will be her 4th year at the Utah Pride Festival. Being one of the few female DJ’s in Utah, DJ Suzy is a confident favorite of audiences in the Wasatch Front.

5:15 pm  DJ Legs

Salt Lake County Council member Shireen Ghorbani knows how to deliver what’s best for people — whether that is shaking it all on the dance floor or accessing affordable healthcare.


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