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Rollin’ with Freshies

A few years ago we went to Provincetown, Massachusetts and dived into a world of ocean swimming, oyster slurping, and lobster cracking. The delicate nature of shellfish translates so much better to your palate when plucked from the ocean and put into your mouth promptly.

Freshies started as a food truck in Park City and then opened a brick and mortar up there, then another one in a remodeling house in SLC a few blocks from us on 900 south (Harvey Milk Blvd). According to our server, their lobster is baited, captured, packaged, shipped to Utah, and plated within 24 hours. That is a lot of effort, and in the end the effort is worth it.

“Worth it” is a bit relative. The lobster rolls come in three sizes, the small, with just 1.9 oz of lobster is $12. We got the “real mainah” with 3.7 oz for $21, which was filling and — we felt — worth every penny. The meat is nestled into a buttered soft bun with a bit of mayo and sprinkled chives. After one bite we were converts. The meat is sweet and succulent.

A few years ago, Freshies won the title of best lobster roll in America and many critics have endorsed that award, saying the same thing, and I have no problem with that. It really is that good. You will want to slow down and savor each bite.

The lobster bisque was quite filling and also delicious, but I’d wait for cooler weather to fully enjoy it. The lobster grilled cheese on sourdough ($8) was also great, but the tangy cheddar stole some of the magic from the lobster, making it almost unnecessary.

I’d like to say that I’ll someday return to try the Blueberry BBQ Chicken sandwich, which looked amazing … or for the Lobster Mac and Cheese, but in all honesty, I’m going to stick with their tried and true lobster roll which made me feel like I was back on the P-town docks with salty wind cooling down the day. If you do try something besides the lobster roll, hit us up and let us know how it was!

356 E. 900 South
Open every day, 11am–8pm

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