FABBY Awards

2019 Fabby Award winners: Groups and People

Most Fabulous Social Group


blackBOOTS is a group for Utah men with leather, kink, BDSM, or fetish interests.
They host social events, workshops, classes and an award-winning bar leather gear night CODE on the third Friday of each month at the Sun Trapp

Most Fabulous Social Group

United Utah Furry Fandom

U2F2 prides itself on being one of the most active and open furry communities in the United States, opening its paws to some of the most imaginative, passionate and creatively driven members. They hold weekly game nights, fitness activities, art jams, adventure excursions, hiking activities, and a monthly bar night at Club Try-Angles on the fourth Friday of the month

Most Fabulous Sports Group

Stonewall Sports

A newcomer to Salt Lake City, Stonewall Sports is currently offering kickball and volleyball with plans to expand to more sports. They are an LGBTQ+ and ally not-for-profit sports league looking to develop a well-connected and diverse community through organized competition and social or fundraising events.

Most Fabulous Political Group

Equality Utah

Equality Utah is a powerhouse in Utah politics. Taken seriously in all levels of government and putting on Utah’s biggest annual political event, the Allies Gala, EU has built a great structure on the fine foundation laid by brave LGBT leaders and donors 18 years ago.

Most Fabulous Political Group

Utah Stonewall Democrats

Utah Stonewall Democrats was called a “political powerhouse” by Rod Decker (KUTV News) clear back when it was founded in 1990. They’ve only grown since.

Most Fabulous Group To Donate To

Utah Pride Center

Fabulousness = Donating, and the Utah Pride Center is the epicenter. UPC’s many outreach and educational programs, and uplifting social events make it a Fabby award-winner once again.

Most Fabulous Annual LGBT Event

Utah Pride Festival

A hundred thousand revelers can’t be wrong. Utah Pride continues to grow and get more fabulous while being more focused on local talent and people. The annual fundraiser for the UPC has gotten meaner, leaner and better along the way.

Most Fabulous Health/HIV Group

Utah AIDS Foundation

Over 35 years of offering testing, advocacy, prevention, support and education around HIV and Aids issues. It’s been a place of comfort for thousands and a training ground for many health and social justice warriors. Some of us got our first condom from UAF and for many our first STI test. Fabby well deserved.

Most Fabulous Television News Reporter/Blogger/Tweeter

Ben Winslow

Ben Winslow is a multi-platform journalist, experimenting with new technologies and ways of sharing news across multiple platforms. We love that his profile on fox13now.com credits QSaltLake in part for his popularity. He has covered some of Utah’s biggest over a nearly 20-year career. We watch 13 just to see what socks he’s wearing that day.

Most Fabulous Television News Anchor/Personality

Shauna Lake

Shauna regains her Fabby award as the best anchor on air in the state. She seems to be your best friend telling you the news who just happens to be on your television.

Most Fabulous Politician for the LGBT Community

Jim Dabakis

Jim Dabakis is a brand name for LGBT and left-of-center political action. If something is going on, he’s there to support (or oppose if necessary), comment, found, finance, and speechify. It seems being Utah State Senator from the Second District and political type was his full-time job, but he’s an entrepreneur and heavily involved in the visual arts biz for decades. If he reprises his one-man show, run — don’t walk — to get tickets.

Most Fabulous QSaltLake Columnist

Christopher Katis

An out-and-proud gay dad brings his family’s life, and the lives of other LGBT families, front and center. He gives us an amusing and sometimes touching peek into what it’s like to be a gay dad, along with his husband, in Utah.

Most Fabulous Bartender at a Gay Bar

Riley Richter at Sun-Trapp

Not only can Riley make a mean cocktail, but he also volunteers for the Human Rights Campaign, How fabulous is that? Oh, you can also find him at Murphy’s on his not-too-often downtime.

Most Fabulous DJ at a Gay Bar

DJ Naomi at Sun-Trapp

Local DJ Harry Cross Jr. said of DJ Naomi in a QSaltLake interview a few years back, “I learned so much from some great talent, and being the lighting director got me interested in being a DJ and helped me learn some of the skills needed. (DJ) Naomi Watts was one of the biggest influences on me, and she is such an awesome DJ.”

Most Fabulous Leader of an LGBT Group

Tracey Dean of Utah Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Tracey Dean has made the Utah LGBTQ Chamber rock and roll. Her tireless efforts to align with other diversity chambers, create compelling business events and bring business owners together are very Fabby worthy.

SheCock & The Rock Princess photo py Paul Duane

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