FABBY Awards

2019 Fabby Award winners: Bars

Most Fabulous All-Gay All-Day Every Day Bar


Line-dancing, dart tournaments, drag shows, monthly fundraiser brunches, two to three bar areas and mostly a 10 a.m. opening daily make Sun-Trapp an iconic go-to for friendly service and a mix of misfits worth the time and friendly banter.

Most Fabulous Irish Pub (and to find Lesbians)

Piper Down Pub

Live music, trivia night, karaoke, $1 mimosa brunch and random kilts (which were fashioned for a piper down) make the pub a Fabby winner. But, as many gays like bag pipes, the lesbians like the bottomless cherries while thirsty, and they know trivia better than Alex Trebek and that big homo winner that won Donald Trump’s 1225-foot … whatever he calls it these days, especially when his legs are spread like a fishing net!

Most Fabulous College Bar

Cheers to You

By far we think Cheers to You loves the LGBTQ community. And yes, maybe because they make a crap load of dough from our patronage during the hours-long Pride Parade, but they also let you get ‘bar coyote ugly’! Next year, maybe it’ll garner two Fabbys if they they get a mechanical bull.

Most Fabulous Nightclub

Area 51

That’s pretty far from New Mexico, but Suburbans get fabulous gas mileage.

Most Fabulous Sports Bar

Legends Sports Pub

They have more TV screens than the Situation Room, but with much more important information: Sports that crush so-called politics.

Most Fabulous Lounge

The Red Door

We here at QSaltLake congratulate Red Door on this award, but we believe it all has to do with the signature martinis because after only one, we tend to cross the street with a plethora of LGBTQA+ flags chanting “impeachment” because we see the the word ‘Capitol’ emblazoned in bulbs…then we realize, it’s actually the Capitol of Broadway, so we start panhandling during intermission, take smoke breaks and choreograph impromptu flash dancing.

Most Fabulous Dive Bar

Wasted Space

Wasted Space Bar, located on State Street is a bubbler, whose door-less stalls (just guessing) and frustrated corporate crowd, make it an after-work destination. Wasted Space regularly features DJs and live music of every genre on a small stage, as well as karaoke on Mondays.

Most Fabulous Bar for the Buck

Club Try-Angles

Only if your buying from Korey, Kort, or the hallucinating homeless dude who calls us fags through the fence and I catapult him a buck, take him home and then he steals my favorite thong. WTF.

Most Fabulous Beer Bar

Beer Bar

The iconic Beer Bar, (which no homo can think of a more unique bar name) obviously takes home this Fabby award. That’s just too much beer and shenanigans on one block… or in one refrigerator. See you all (in) there!

Most Fabulous Cocktails

Red Door

Wildly-popular Red Door is also popular with Salt Lake’s LGBT community for providing a welcoming environment to the heart of downtown. Best place to be for the Utah Pride Parade. And it’s right across the street from Capitol Theatre… an easy throwback before the intermission ting-tong to get your asses back to your seats. Just be safe.

Most Fabulous for an Afternoon Crowd


Afternoon drinking is a chill affair, so where better to do it at Sun-Trapp, where the bartenders and patrons alike greet you with a smile and a friendly hello.

Most Fabulous Bar That Gives Back to the Community

Club Try-Angles

Owners Gene Gieber and Jesse Downonhisknees (spelling is hard for me). Anyhoo, I’ve known them for 15 years since I was 19.5-years old, j/k. Best donors of many causes; saviors of peeps in pain; never think twice about what needs to happen to make our lives better; prideful as all hell, and have honestly protected me and so very many others; would will pull out all the glitter to protect the community whether they want to or not; it’s second nature to them. They are the gay mafia of HMB.

Most Fabulous Friday Night

Club Try-Angles

Well, TGIF. The first Friday each month, Angles hosts Bear Night (don’t forget the plastic bear traps), which is a hugely, extremely friendly night. Then on the 2nd Friday night is Leather & Gear & Pups night. So, the ASCPA will be there and Alaskan bear hunters as well as peeps who love puppy mills! Just saying, with a smirk and a teary eye. Honestly, another wonder full night of fun. Only fake fur might have you arrested, but pfft!

Most Fabulous Saturday Night


And the Fabby winner is Sun-Trapp, which could be attributed to the awesome spinning of fabulous tunes, flip-flopping cowboy hats, boots, belt buckles, and or actually really meeting dozens of free-spirited, kindhearted dudes. Congrats, Sun-Trapp.

Most Fabulous Monthly Bar Event

Fluff Party at Club Try-Angles

They frown upon Relco, just sayin’! This night has grown from a few dozen during Furry friends into a monthly fluffaganza. Some of the friendliest animals you’ll ever meet… or clean up after.

Most Fabulous for Karaoke


If you like to sing or like to listen to others wing-it, or like to drink to make others’ singing tolerable, head to Tavernacle on Sunday or Tuesday night.

Most Fabulous Park City Bar

Oh Shuck’s

Thank you Q readers; yes, they have some great beer selections but their food menu is like reading A Suitable Boy, in which every suit from Mr. Mac’s (may he rest in a two-peace) is made of ( or tastes like) silkworms.

High West

Top-notch, soul-warming, high-grade whiskey. Worth every penny to the postmaster general.

Most Fabulous Ogden Bar

Funk N’ Dive

Ogden’s only 5-Star Dive Bar was originally built as a Prohibition Speak Easy – ” I got Moonshine for 15 cents” in the basement of the Ogden Courthouse. They have cheap drinks and amazing cocktails. A galley kitchen is amazing with new twists on classic bar food and a great Vegan menu. Weekly events include karaoke and Texas Hold’em – don’t call BlackBOOTS. LOL. Congrats from QSaltLake.

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