Encircle’s 3rd LGBTQ+ Youth Summit returns Dec. 7

The Encircle Summit, formerly known as IGNITE, returns for its third year on Saturday, Dec. 7. Over 1,000 LGBTQ+ youth and young adults will converge at the Adobe building in Lehi, Utah and 500+ parents, allies and educators at the Podium building. Over 25 speakers and 30 workshops will be presented at the all-day event.

The summit features guest speakers and performers from the community, breakout sessions addressing issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ youth communities of Utah, celebrity leaders, and networking to access educational and career opportunities. Most importantly, LGBTQ+ youth will receive tools and resources that help them to live authentically and have a positive impact in their communities while determining the direction of their own future. Parents and allies are also encouraged to attend, with workshops available from 2:30 to 5:25 p.m., ending with a dinner social.

Featured guests during the day-long event include Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons; Miles McKenna, YouTuber and LGBTQ+ activist; Matt Bernstein, makeup and visual artist; Jen Richards, artist; Carol Lynn Pearson, writer and activist; Maxwell Poth, photographer and found of Project Contrast; Emma Gee, BYU athlete; and many more.


Ed Smart

Dan Reynolds, Lead Singer, Imagine Dragons
@danreynolds, @imaginedragons

Kalen Allen, Correspondent & Host of OMKalen and Kalen Reacts, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Miles McKenna, YouTuber, LGBTQ+ Activist

Max Emerson, Writer, Director

Peppermint, Actress, Singer, Reality Star, and Activist

Cammie Scott, YouTuber, LGBTQ+ Advocate, Beauty Guru

Conor McKenzie, Content Creator, Flexibility Guru, Optimist


Matt Bernstein, Makeup + Visual Artist

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Actor

Wrabel, Artist

Jen Richards, Actress, Activist

Carol Lynn Pearson, Writer, Speaker and Performer

Maxwell Poth, Photographer, Founder of Project Contrast
@maxwellpoth, @projectcontrast

Stephenie Larsen, Co-founder & CEO, Encircle

Savannah Sgro, Pop Singer/Songwriter

Wendy Vonsosen, President, Mama Dragons

Dr. William Bradshaw, Professor, Writer, LGBTQ+ Advocate

Dr. Gregory A. Prince, Biomedical Researcher, Writer, Philanthropist

Dr. Jared Klundt, PhD, Director of Clinical Services, Encircle

Carolina Núñez, Associate Dean of Research and Academic Affairs and Professor of Law, BYU

Becky Pickle, Franchise Owner, Chick-Fil-A

Craig Mangum, Storyteller, Writer, Producer

Karen Hammerman, Trevor Project Volunteer, Encircle Summit Executive Committee

Emma Gee, Athlete, Brigham Young University

Jacob Dunford, Chief Operating Officer, Encircle

Jordan Sgro, Chief Program Officer, Encircle

The Agenda for Youth

11 AM – Registration
Pick up your badge, program, and Summit kit,

12:15 PM – Opening Session
Make sure you get there early and find your seat.

2:30-5:25 PM – Workshops
Check out some amazing workshops that run an hour long and you’ll get to pick three. Options include an introduction to Encircle’s mission (includes treats and games).

‘LoveLoud’er art series which will add color to your life through creative and artistic expression. This workshop hosted by masters of their craft provides new skills and a welcoming environment. No artistic experience is necessary.

‘Blue Sky’, clearing away cloudy days by putting pencil to paper. Facilitated by writing professionals, this workshop provides a safe space to find your voice through writing.

Or/and guests may check out the ‘Becoming’ workshop focusing on strengthening understanding and dialogue between gender variant persons and their family members, allies, and community.

In ‘Friendship Circles’, participants can connect with folx you identify with as you support each other to manage the trials you encounter every day.

Let loose in ‘Beyond’ where you can sing, play/bring instruments, laugh, and jam together without criticism.

Then there’s another fabulous hour of fun and games during the ‘Rainbow Mutual’.

The session of ‘Tools to Thrive’ will discuss the facilitation of growth and discovery in an intimate setting where community members can talk openly about the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people and their families and friends and share tools they’ve used to overcome these challenges.

Encircle includes a “speaking series” workshop called ‘Elevate’, in which Encircle invites successful, thriving, inspirational LGBTQ+ individuals with diverse backgrounds and life journeys from the community to come and share their story.

Another option is ‘Serve’, a service-based workshop designed to foster connection between youth, their families, and the community at large.

And if you need a break, take some self-care time with coloring and mindfulness in the ‘Sensory Room’.

5:30 PM – Dinner
The moment you’ve all been waiting for. After a day of workshops, get together with all of the friends you brought and the new ones you’ve made and enjoy a nice meal.

6 PM – Closing Session
Grab a seat and get ready for an amazing show featuring performances and speakers that you’ve met throughout the day.

And keep in mind that similar workshops will be available for Young Adults, Adults (26+), Parents, and Educators.

Encircle can provide a select number of parents, allies, and educators financial scholarships to the conference. For information, please email [email protected]

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