St. George police say man attacked because he is gay

A St. George man was attacked as he was making his way to his car on Halloween, according to police.

“This case is being actively investigated,” St. George Police Officer Tiffany Atkin told St George News. Atkin also said the attack is believed to have been motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation.

The male victim posted details of the attack on Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to know the “grisly reality of what my Instagram and Facebook never shows.” He has since removed the post.

The victim said he was approached the night of Oct. 31 by three individuals who had been waiting across the street from his car in St. George.

“I didn’t know them; but it was clear they knew me — rephrase, they didn’t KNOW me, but they knew I was GAY,” he wrote in the Facebook post. He said what started as profanity-laced verbal harassment quickly turned into a physical assault.

“It happened real fast,” he wrote. “I went to open my car door to go home and it turned into a … nightmare.”

The victim wrote that he was grabbed, punched in the face, thrown to the ground and kicked in the back and stomach.

“I was crouched in the fetal position covering my face tasting that horrible metallic taste of blood filling up my mouth and hoping and whispering in my head ‘please someone see me, someone come help me.’”

A witness of the assault did come to the victim’s aid.

The suspects drove away in a black Dodge truck. Two were dressed in black costumes with hoods, and one was wearing a dress shirt tucked into his jeans.

“I have never been more scared in my life,” the victim wrote. He said the attack “terrified” him and has left him not wanting to leave his house.

St. George police are asking anyone with more information on the assault to call them at 435-627-4300.

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