Transgender woman forced to remove makeup at Utah DMV

Last week, a transgender Utah resident was taken aback when after having her driver license photo renewal take at the Fairpark Driver License Office, a supervisor engaged her with “hostility,” demanding that she remove her makeup for the license photo.

“Because my appearance didn’t match my gender, it wouldn’t be able to be picked up by face recognition software,” the victim Jaydee Dolinar said of what the supervisor told her.

Dolinar explained to Fox13 News that the supervisor cited state policy in her reasoning. When Dolinar asked what the policy stated, she said the woman shrugged her shoulders and told her they can’t “have confusion in the system.”

Jaydee asked the supervisor what she should do.

“She said, ‘Well, we have hand sanitizer you can use,’” Dolinar said. “Like, alright… so I used the hand sanitizer and paper towels and I scrubbed it all off.”

Chris Caras, Director of the Utah Department of Public Safety Driver License Division, explained to Fox13 News that they learned about the complaint the following day.

Caras clarified that the policy is meant for makeup that is extreme in nature, or a material change that would alter a person’s appearance in a way that could complicate a photo ID from previous photos, or to facilitate some type of fraud.

“We obviously would not want anything like this to happen in one of our offices ever again,” Caras said.

DPS stated that additional training would take place in partnership with TEA of Utah.

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