December QScopes


There is not much activity going yet and boredom has a way of creating false problems to worry about. Avoid creating conflict with others and keep perceptions in check. The holidays will bring you face to face with family. Do your best to avoid drama. Alone time works when imagination is used.


Someone at work or school needs help. Do something to help perk them up and find a return gift as a result. Be cautious of providing too much help to someone you don’t like much. They may develop excessive expectations. It helps to be good at what you do, but don’t compromise.


It’s time to receive some good stuff and give as well. Don’t fear taking action and have a good time. A fight may cause pain and pain can spread. A personal matter should keep it close to home. There is confusion regarding a family matter. By sorting things out, gratitude will come.


It is a happy time. The temperatures fall but you will rise. All the ingredients for happiness are here. Be creative and don’t worry about making a mess. An important person will ask for some help regarding an issue that makes you uneasy. Smile, nod, but move them right along.


There is always someone to compete with. Balance modesty and pride to look your best. Cheer and satisfaction can come in the form of a great and intimate interaction, leading to some very pleasing results. It might not be the best time to figure out yourself, so reflect and simply enjoy.


Priorities are good to have, don’t allow them to trap you in a method that isn’t working. Adapt and do what the moment requires. A relationship is in trouble. Take time to simply enjoy this person, and make them enjoy you too! If fun is not the main focus, there is not much point in continuing.


It is possible to fall and get up, but the pain of doing so should be avoided. There seems to be some confusion over what is really important. Step back from a situation and revisit when the dust has settled. Personal matters suck, but sucking can become amazing if you try hard enough.


What makes sense to you baffles someone else. Don’t let this discrepancy become an issue. Agree to disagree. Much can be learned from alternate perspectives. Get behind this person and see life from their point of view. But don’t spend too much time back there. You risk losing yourself.


A vital task feels like pushing a hard rock uphill. Break up a burden and tackle it a little bit at a time. Consider whether it is worth the effort. Examine a clear goal and make changes. The heart may break but it is better to get priorities figured out now and not halfway up the hill.


There is never a perfect situation, no matter how amazing a change may seem at the time. Don’t be quick to go back to an old way of doing something. There is always a reason for your actions, even if you don’t understand the choice at the time. It can take time for things to feel right.


Romantic feelings could develop with a co-worker or casual friend. Not much has changed, but a little change in the heart can create a big difference. Put faith in feelings and don’t fear to explore a new outlook. Life is about change, even when the routines seem to be the same. 


It could be hard learning skills needed to overcome a problem. Don’t fear to ask for help from a buddy. Learn new ways to accomplish goals. A financial situation takes a toll. Spend wisely during this time. Luckily, your wish list is on the light side, so hold off on big purchases until later.

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