QScopes — January 2020

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ARIES: Start off as if you are a new person. The birth of ideas can flourish by pruning what isn’t working from your garden of accomplishments. Look for a new job or move to a new place. Whatever it takes to redefine your world is bound to be a big help. Take small steps if needed, but a big impact is bound to create happiness.

TAURUS: Mistakes don’t fix themselves with a calendar change but it is time to bury the hatchet with an old friend who has recently become an enemy. Love is the answer to the question: what is it that will fix the problems? It might surprise you how much can be accomplished with a simple idea such as saying sorry or being nice.

GEMINI: The desire to celebrate will be strong. Go out and enjoy yourself, even if it feels a little unnecessary. There is always something good to be found even if the world isn’t perfect. The shortcut to happiness may come in the form of a romantic interest or simply a crush. Make a move and don’t spare the fun. Celebrate!

CANCER: Whoever said life is fair doesn’t exist in your world. Nevertheless, you’re going to be wondering where the balance is in the universe this month. One moment, things will be great. The next they could fall apart. Change is becoming a constant that defines everything right now. Don’t count on anything but enjoy the ride.

LEO: Pinpoint what is right in a relationship. Other people wonder how you get things to work. Don’t take all the credit when it comes to success. Be aware of the gifts others bring to the table. Don’t be afraid to stand as an equal with a key person. While it’s not always easy sharing the limelight, the best shows often take two.

VIRGO: An unfinished project will become the main focus. A lot has sidetracked you from completing it but a newfound spark has ignited the need to get things done. Self-gratification is the best reward you could ask for. Don’t be afraid to take hold of your dreams. Get ready to show off what you can do. The results will amaze.

LIBRA: A friend or family member is having a harder time than they let on. Give them a boost by showing how much you care. Whether it be a small gift or providing compliments, it can make a difference. Compassion comes effortless to you, though sometimes the call to action isn’t heard clearly. Perk up, pay attention. 

SCORPIO: No one can define what’s in store for you, but not all the ideas thrown your way are bad. Consider what others are suggesting and remember that brainstorming with a buddy is always a good thing. Take vacations, enjoy life as much as possible. But don’t forget that a companion for a while is better having none.

SAGITTARIUS: However long it takes, a damaged relationship is worth fixing up. Whether you let old wounds heal or choose to move on, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. Put emotions in check and choose to have an uplifting time. Even if nothing more happens between you and this person, at least it won’t be a sore spot.

CAPRICORN: There is a tendency to simplify the complex and add complications to the straightforward. Take a moment and try reversing the order of operations and see if you enjoy a different type of flow. There is a compromise to be found. The first step is to take a look at what you really want. Surprises are in store for you.

AQUARIUS: It is nice to play pretend sometimes. In the realm of romance, there is room for fantasy with those you aren’t in love with. Expand your horizons and explore the unknown. Even if it’s for a little while, embrace the best parts of yourself. The longer you spend having fun, the more productive you will be long term.

PISCES: Extreme cold can be confused for heat, and extreme hate can be mistaken for passion. Take a moment to examine what you think you know about your interests and make a decision to find out what really drives you. Don’t be defined by fears when dealing with those around you. Emotions are complex so sort them out.

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