Elevation Utah Gay Ski Week turns 10

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Hey there ski bums, ski abs, ski elbows, ski noses, and ski muffin tops! Elevation Utah turns 10 this year. Not only is it 10 chronologically, but it’s also among the top 10 things to do in those lists that tell you what the top 10 things to do are. It’s, in fact, the premier gay ski event. Are there any other gay ski events in the non-premier category? Anyway, Tom Whitman plans to celebrate in grand fashion. I do not mean in stylish shoes (although he might), but rather he says he’s bringing in the best of the best for entertainment and extending the elevated soiree to five days this year.

Among the many festivities, you can expect to see a stunning array of talent. DJ Dawna Montell, and DJ Blacklow, will be here. Adam Turner is puddle-jumping across the pond from London to join Elevation Utah.

Elevation Utah takes off on February 26 and lands again on March 1. After that, the Daddy of Elevation events — Elevation Mammoth — happens March 18 through 22. Everyone is ready for that “altitude without attitude” spirit.

You can get your tickets to ELEVATION Utah at bit.ly/UtahGaySki2020

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