Online auction yields over $1,000 for ‘Utah Risque Condoms’

An online auction of a set of the controversial condoms thwarted by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert sold for $1,186 on Sunday.

“Utah Risque Condoms Original Complete Set of 13” was put up on eBay by seller “pinkchampagne” who described the set as “As Seen in the news around the world! Own a piece of LGBTQ History! Suitable for framing!”

“The Dept. of Health put out 44,000 of their condoms before Utah’s governor, Gary Herbert (R), put an end to the safe-sex fun and demanded that the campaign be stopped and all of the remaining condoms out there be confiscated. They were featured in the news everywhere and are not available. Limited number of sets were salvaged before they were pulled from the shelves,” the description read. “These are the original condom packages with an individual One Brand condom (assort’d styles) inside. Each packet is 2.5″ x 2.5″. Complete set of all 13 images.”

The description goes on to say that proceeds will benefit HIV prevention and education programs in Utah.

State officials have said that they will be retrieving any condoms that remain at partner agencies and destroying them, though it is doubtful any still exist.

A second auction by pinkchampagne raised another $250 and a third is live on eBay at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Utah-Risque-Condoms-Original-Complete-Set-of-13-Banned-In-Utah/153814608432.

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