Royal Court to host AIDS Awareness Week

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Each year the Emperor of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire hosts an AIDS Awareness week. The proceeds to benefit the RCGSE AIDS Fund, which assists those living with HIV/AIDS. Those seeking assistance from the fund apply at rcgse.org/rcgse-aids-fund/.

The schedule of events is as follows:
Sat. March 7, 6pm, Turnabout at the Sun-Trapp
Sun. March 8, 11am, Red Pin Bowling at Bonwood Bowl
Mon. March 9, 6pm, Award Dinner at Sizzler, 3429 S Redwood Rd.
Tues. March 10, 7pm, RCGSE General Meeting at the Utah Pride Center
Weds. March 11, 7pm, Darts from Hell at the Sun-Trapp
Thurs. March 12, 7pm, Theater Night at Hale Center Theatre
Fri., March 13, 8pm, Drag Roulette at Bottoms Up
Sat. March 14, 6pm, Monarch Show at Sun Trapp
Sun. March 15, 6pm, Red Ball — Rent, Sun Trapp

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