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Utah Pride Center responds to COVID-19/Coronavirus

The Utah Pride Center announced, effective immediately, they are putting into effect a 17-day plan of action in regard to COVID-19/coronavirus.

“The skills to respond to a health crisis are part of our history and present. LGBTQ+ people came together during the outbreak of HIV/AIDS, educating one another, caring for one another, and providing for each other’s needs,” executive director Rob Moolman wrote. “We continue to come together in this way to meet each other’s needs. Please be assured, we are not leaving you. We need each other now and always.”

“Our obligation to our community is to be present for you while simultaneously considering the safety of our community members in light of what the W.H.O. has declared a pandemic,” leaders wrote in a statement.

Leaders are suspending or changing current programming at the Center and/or sponsored by the Center through Sunday, March 29.

Large events

There will be a 30-day hiatus on events, including the Queer Food Festival, The Sun Revisited, and Queer Prom. These will be postponed and rescheduled.

Utah Pride Center groups and meetings

All in-person programming at the Center is postponed, effective immediately. Affected people are asked to reach out to the group coordinator for information on online opportunities to continue to participate.

Counseling and mental health services

Those receiving mental health services through the Center should contact their individual therapist for options.

Utah Pride Center general operations and meeting space

The Center will be closed to the public through March 29.

Reaching to Pride Center while closed

Center staff will continue to use digital forms of communication:

• General information —
• LGBTQ seniors —
• Mental health inquiries —
• Youth and family —


Social media:
Message the Center on Facebook or Instagram, which will be checked regularly.

“We are not leaving you and you are not alone,” Moolman continued. “Please know that our community’s best interest is at the heart of every decision we are forced to make. Let’s do what we can to care for our bodies, our spirits and our community. Call or Facetime your friends. Be gentle with yourself and neighbors. If you are in need of a connection, reach out.”

“We will get through this together, even if we might not be able to be physically in the same room,” he said. “We are a tough bunch and a community of fighters so we will get through this thing just like we have survived so many others.”

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