April 2020 Horoscopes


No one is coming to save you so take matters into your own hands. The longer you pamper yourself, the better you will feel. Take a chance with a new friend or rekindle an old friendship that has fallen through the cracks. Enjoy your alone time but don’t take the whole world for granted.


Adopt a new hobby or join a club that suits your fancy. Everything you’ve wanted is possible but you have to work for it. The big surprise is how easy the work can be when interest exists. A business or work matter is driving you nuts so pay attention to your mental health. Clear your mind and heart.


It’s not easy being you sometimes, but it’s just as difficult dealing with others. An associate or family member is being a nag lately so be sure to stand up for yourself. The best kind of defense is a good attitude. Things do have to blow once in a while so be sure to aim your explosions strategically.


Jitters are normal when dealing with someone you really like. Channel that energy into showing this person how you feel and a good development might come as a result. It could be a game-changer in how you live life.  You might find your desires are based more on imagination than reality. 


Work and business matters don’t always provide a boost to your ego. When things aren’t going your way, it serves to remind how much you want to matter. Be a shining example to others and appreciation will follow. Finding a good way to show off what you can do will provide nice growth.


A little dark space in your heart seems to be growing. Find something that provides a safe haven of joy in the form of activity or fun. A circle of friends will be there for you but it requires a request. Don’t be afraid to tag along with someone who can help with the good times. It is time to lighten up.


The struggle is real in terms of a personal matter. Desires have you on edge and it’s time to really make a choice regarding a relationship matter. Someone you love is feeling neglected but a little bit of attention will go a long way. Find a way to balance everything you want and harmony will follow.


Being practical is something for other people. Or so you might believe. In truth, having a clear set of rules is very important to you, and finding out what works would be a good idea. A new set of challenges will test your patience. Don’t be afraid to teach others how to treat you right now.


Have a great time following your dreams. You’ve been stuck in a rut lately and it’s driving you crazy. The further you are from someone who brings you down, the better. Tune out the bad voices both inward and out. In the end, business and pleasure are more connected than you might realize. 


Dive deep into a mindset that makes a difference. A newfound love for intimacy is bound to open some other ideas. Be creative and make some great projects come to life. While it might seem like a long time coming, it’s never too late to start over. The best way to reinvent yourself is to create.


Get your finances in order and don’t spend time or money on people who don’t deserve it. While it might be a good feeling to give, receiving can be equally as rewarding. Find a way to have your cake and eat it too. In the end, learning how to be grateful is a lesson in being truly versatile.


What is actually happening with a confusing personal matter could become clear this month. The need to control everything is not the main goal, but the clarity will provide much-needed comfort. Take this newfound freedom and get yourself into a position of power. Good change is coming soon. 

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