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Utah Pride Center asks you to knit a square for a close-knit community

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For those seeking a way to participate in a community project from home, the Utah Pride Center suggests knitting a square.

“Our community has come together in the most amazing ways through this Covid crisis,” wrote Deb Hall in the Utah Pride Center Lobby Facebook group. “Many online opportunities have been created, new and inventive ways to stay connected have been brought forth and people are supporting each other even without the ability to be physically together.”

“When this crisis is over, we want a reminder of how we worked together, took care of each other and how connected we stayed during this unprecedented time,” Hal continued. “We would like to have folks knit 8″ x 8″ squares with the instructions below. Hang on to the squares and when this is over, you can either bring or mail your squares to the Pride Center. We will have them connected and put the quilt on display to commemorate the strength of our community.”

Hall says the quilt will be a permanent reminder of just how “close knit” our community is, how we work to keep each other safe and warm and how we wrap each other in a blanket of love, no matter what.

Instructions are here:

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