May horoscopes


While you are accustomed to social gatherings and spending time with friends, it’s been a time of solitary moments and physical activity. While it’s not bad entertaining yourself, the time for getting back to the basics is close. Start figuring out now what you want to do when the floodgates open.


Don’t fret the lack of productivity and take time to reflect. While a family matter has left you exhausted, there is much to be gained by working through feelings. Everyone has said how good of a sport you have been lately. There is much to be learned and even more you can teach others.


Where you go from here is a question that has been on your mind. It’s time not only to grow and transform, but to create a new life. Figure out what works and go with it. The biggest surprise is how much change you actually don’t want now and the surprise itself is worth its weight in gold.


The numbness caused by recent events will subside, and emotional connections can be overwhelming. Make sure to process these feelings in a safe place or with someone you love. The hardest part will be coming to the conclusion that emotions are only the beginning of reasoning. 


Truth is one of the hardest pills to swallow, no matter how good you are at taking it all. Give greetings to everyone and become the life of the party. Take time to learn what you may not understand and be open to harsh but refreshing truths. In the end, it’s all about growing right now. 


Be agreeable with anyone regarding business. It’s amazing how many defensive barriers you have to knock down. It might seem like a good idea to fight, but it can be harder to let go. Let others take control once in a while. Don’t fear handing over the reigns, but keep on hand on the wheel.


There seems to be much to worry about. Everyone is feeling the same way. Find comfort in the sheer number of people who are worse off than you. Misery loves company, but company loves comfort. Be a catalyst for change for those who need it. The love you give will find its way back.


Even if there are no good answers, the questions on your mind do not lead to dead ends. Don’t fear being ignorant or not jiving with the universal truths you discover. Real control is found within your thoughts and feelings. Take charge and get a grip on all that is happening around you.


The financial burdens may not be easy to deal with, but in the end, attention to details will help you find balance. Take charge of money matters and don’t be afraid of taking a loss. It is worth sacrificing things that never really mattered in order to focus on what does. Redefine priorities.


Everything happens for a reason. Some reasons are a result of what happened. Putting the cart before the horse simply means a new design is needed. Be clever and make life to work for you. Spend time with someone who is smarter than you for a change and believe that they exist.


Help is never gone. It is there in some form. The focus you lack can be found by playing a game or writing a poem. Get creative, focus on what you really want and forget everything else until it is time to deal with it. The world is full of distractions as well as things that can wait.


Yell and scream if it makes you feel better. Let go of the emotions that have shaken your core. The way to get over stress is to experience a bit of anger. It isn’t about losing control, but simply understanding a side of you that is often suppressed. Peace is often the aftermath of chaos.

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