QScopes June 2020

June 2020

By Sam Kelley-Mills


Try finding a hobby or project that keeps your mind off stress and worries that have consumed your thoughts as of late. There isn’t a lot of time to get into other people’s heads but plenty of time to get out of yours. Strip away the unnecessary layers and embrace what lies beneath.


A new era is upon you, yet limbo is the current state. It’s not about getting life back on track but finding a new path in which to follow. Sometimes doing nothing is actually doing something, especially when it means building a reserve of energies. When the time comes, just let it blow.


Whatever has happened lately doesn’t matter. A family member or annoying roommate could be a source of aggravation. It is better to let it go, but don’t be afraid to make a drastic change. It may be too late or undesirable to alter the relationship, but always a good time to walk away.


The duality of truth is something you don’t explore often. While facts are definitive, how you feel about them is up to you. Take time to explore what the heart is saying but never doubt that the head guides. Whether it be a desire for the obscene or a need to go clean, truth is important.


There always seems to be a problem to solve. Now is a time when you don’t want to play detective and that is okay. Instead of delving deep into something, explore what is going on around you. There are no emergencies right now, so sit back and enjoy being a spectator for a bit.


Where have all your friends gone? It seems like a lonely time but it’s really about them more than you. Reach out to friends and loved ones who are missing you too. If they don’t care, then take that as a sign to move on. Everyone that matters is never far even if they can’t touch you.


The task at hand is something to be taken seriously. There is a time for fun and a time to work and plenty of room to do both. Figure out the boundaries and plan accordingly. Work is always a challenge. Remember that no one cares as long as they see good results from you.


Take a seat and enjoy a glass of wine as much as possible. The season for fun may not be quite as exciting as it should be, but there are simple pleasures to be found. Get a grip and settle in for some good rides. In the long term, you might actually start to get used to this. Relax and enjoy.


Try to see a bigger picture but don’t forget what is going on around you. The cycle of redundancy has you questioning the wrong things while being certain about doubtful elements. Ask for advice from those you trust. Even if you don’t agree with everyone, broaden your perspective.


A frustrating element has a deceptively simple solution. Take time to figure it out but don’t overthink the problem. Simple explanations tend to be right. Take a key person in your life off a pedestal and start to see them for who they are. Flaws aren’t always attractive but they do provide intrigue.


The flight or fight responses are going to be normal for a while. With life bringing ups and downs, there is a tendency to get discouraged. Keep caring but stop engaging so much. Give in to a tendency to rebel but make sure you don’t damage key relationships. Independence is an illusion.


Forget all your troubles for a while and realize there are people worse off than you. Even the more dire situations teach and individual moments are often neutral. Find the pleasure in little things and don’t worry about the big picture. Figure out how to make each moment a  mental vacation.

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