QScopes September 2020

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There has been much talk about change in a world that seems to be standing still. While it may take some time to find your footing, it’s worth taking the climb toward the top. A conquest is waiting for you to take action. The real question is whether you can find the energy to do it.


There is a deep feeling of dread that has been with you for a while. Desires have a lot to do with this, especially because of how recent events have interrupted your routine. Learn to modify your ways and adjust your scope. Do things that keep you grounded while being innovative.


Figure out what you really want instead of giving in to desires of the moment. Settling for second best is always a trap. Don’t settle for a grape today when a watermelon is right around the corner. You may not be good at standing still, but the best things always come to those who wait.


With great power comes a lot of confusion. While you are used to knowing exactly what you want, a new possibility has you questioning the path. Look toward others for advice on what not to do and avoid traps. Learning from the failures of others make their shortcoming meaningful.


Strive for perfection and seek a mate or friend that embraces this goal. There is always a lot of heavy lifting for you, but sharing the load is a good idea. Much of what you want stems from a need to dominate. Take control by giving up some responsibility. You’ll thank yourself.


Money is always an issue that never seems to be resolved. Get finances in order and don’t forget to put a little extra aside for a rainy day. A big surprise could come when a gold mine is found! Don’t go looking for it but let it come to you. The best chances in life are the ones overlooked.


Skip out on an event or gathering that has you worried. While it might seem as if you’re running away, you’re actually heading toward something better. Friends in life are not always the best ones to spend time with. Look into having a better time with new faces and lovers. 


A deadline looms over you and it is quite distracting. Life doesn’t always give a lot of wiggle room. Find the time to address your feelings and ask why the avoidance is there. In the end, a negative feeling is attached to a seemingly positive result. Get in touch with your inner child.


Take pictures, draw, and simply be creative. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are, this is the time to express yourself. Figure out what really matters and set a course toward a better way of living. While it might not always make sense, the world is a fine place. Go and flourish.


There are adventures coming in the form of mini-vacations. Take time to prepare so you can get the most out of these times. The worst feeling is the distraction that comes from surprises but they are inevitable. Be ready for whatever comes your way but be adventurous!


There seems to be a long road ahead and that is how you like it. It’s easy to ignore what is bothering you when it seems so far away. Don’t forget to enjoy the life you are living now. Give some love and attention to friends, family, and even the animals who look to you for affection. 


There are gambles to be taken but sometimes you need to fold. A loss now could lead to more focus and a better chance of winning next time. Place bets on a family member who has more to offer than it appears at the moment. Don’t underestimate the power of compassion.

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