Vote Equality: MGUW

Join the Utah ERA Coalition, Equality Utah, and the League of Women Voters of Utah for Vote Equality: Minding the Gaps for Utah Women on Oct. 16, noon-1:30 p.m. on the Utah State Capitol steps, Salt Lake City.

Headline speaker Jeanetta Williams of the NAACP will describe existing barriers to voting and the still pressing need for equity under the law for Utah women. The pivotal question: When we leave behind the “Year of the Women,” how will we continue the fight for fairness and move the needle for Utah Women in 2021?

Ermiya Fanaeian, newly appointed director of Diversity and Inclusion for the University of Utah’s ASUU, will speak to inclusive feminism. How do we remedy the mistakes of the past and ensure that all women are part of this important move for Constitutional equality?

Watch for details about additional speakers, musical guests, and family-friendly celebrations. Alos, kids may customize an equality flag starting at 11:30 a.m.

Then dance your way into the election, support equality candidates, and celebrate great gains for women while pushing forward for better.

Masks available and required. Social distancing a must. ‘VOTE EQUALITY’ car magnets also available.

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