Utah Pride 2020

How to Road Rally

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The Utah Pride 2.0 Road Rally: Dragging Main is open to any individual, family, group, or business.

Create a team

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Whether it’s just you or you and 99 other carfuls of people, come up with a team name. Figure out who is the team captain, come up with a fundraising goal, and figure out which Rendezvous site (left) you want to start from.

Pick your class

Are you rallying as Friends & Family? School? A political candidate? Business?

Set your team up on the website

Enter the above information to create a team on the Road Rally website. If someone has already done this, choose “Join a Team” by searching for your team name.

As each car or bike is added, you will be asked for the name(s) of the driver and passengers.

Pricing / Checkout

Passengers in any vehicle are just $5. To join on a motorcycle, the charge is $15. Electric or hybrid cars are $20. Other cars up to 20 feet in length are $25. RVs and other vehicles over 20 feet (but under 40) are $40 for electric/hybrid and $50 for gas or diesel.

Enter your payment information and, voila! A page is created for each individual going and for the team after you confirm email addresses.


Dress your page up with your photo and a plea for your friends, coworkers, enemies, or whomever to donate to the Utah Pride Center through you so you get the credit, kudos, and fuzzies.


Get your vehicle or bicycle bedazzled and prideful and join the rally Sunday, October 11.

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Sign up at utahpridecenter.org. For detailed instructions, go to bit.ly/RoadRallyTips

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