QScopes — October 2020

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While festivities aren’t quite as wild as you’d like them to be, there is no denying that you’ve needed some downtime. The quiet moments have lead to some real self-discovery and the whole world is making more sense than ever. Just don’t forget to have some excitement sometimes.


Wandering around trying to figure things out isn’t doing you much good. It’s best to spend time with friends and family who distract you from the ideas swimming in your head. Get involved with a group activity that could leave you exhausted but satisfied. Enjoyment is the key to peace.


Joy can be found in some of the darkest places. Don’t fear getting trapped in a pleasurable place but simply try to give back however you can. The time for festive moments is upon you Gemini so make the best of a scary situation. Even if no one else is dancing, get out and move.


Everything feels like homework, even the fun stuff. While it’s tempting to take it all seriously, the fact of the matter is that life has been kind of a joke as of late. Learning to laugh is always good advice, but be sure you can tell when the feelings of another are on the line. Tread lightly.


Even if poetry is not your thing, there is a sense of song and glee in your heart. Take time to share the sunshine with those who aren’t feeling it. While there is a big job needing to be filled, you are always up to the task. Take control and make a difference. It’s needed more than ever.


Don’t take charge until you know where you’re going. The path to a better world is bound to be an uphill climb. Even so, there is a lot of great people who you don’t know are looking out for you. Spend time getting to know what the resources are and ask for the help you need.


A work matter is resolving itself so well, it’s almost like a miracle. Don’t be too quick to take good fortune for granted but also enjoy the blessing you are currently experiencing. A key figure in your life is going to becoming even more centric to your plans. Make the best of it.


It’s been a weird year because you have never felt more alone despite having much social interaction. It all comes down to the quality of those around you. Invest more time in those who love you back and make quality the major focus of this holiday season. Now is the time.


The best part of getting through a challenge is the satisfaction it gives. It’s better than making love or going on a rollercoaster. This feeling will make you question whether or not you are an adrenaline junkie or simply someone who likes the thrill of the chase. Maybe both. 


While logic and reason are often your guides, this is a good time to follow your heart. The best way to figure out the future is by examining past loves. While this is no time to make a quick and rash decision, a solid decision could leave you feeling focused. Follow through on dreams.


Patience is not on your side right now as a pressing urge to act is driving you crazy. Do what you must to get back to feeling normal by taking matters into your own hand. At the same time, don’t spend too much time alone or being independent as an offer could come anytime.


Keep focusing on the most crucial part of your plan, which may entail a lot of getting over some previous setbacks. While the world is always in motion, you are not. Do what you must to get back on track and the focus you most crave will lead to a most consequential outcome.

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