Pete Buttigieg endorses Jenny Wilson and Shireen Ghorbani

Pete Buttigieg announced that his group, Win the Era, is endorsing 47 candidates running for office in state and local governments across the country, including Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson and Salt Lake County Councilperson Shireen Ghorbani.

Win the Era Leadership PAC and Action Fund were founded by Buttigieg in April 2020 following his presidential campaign. They are working to elect leaders at every level of government who “embody and lift up the values that bring Americans together and represent the spirit of the Pete for America campaign.” 

The group says these endorsements aim to “build the bench of the Democratic Party and flip statehouses across the country, while also breaking barriers for political representation.”

Nearly half of the candidates are under the age of 40, and nearly 90 percent of the endorsed candidates are running for either state senate and state house. 

“We need to send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House, but we also need to elect good leaders at the state and local level. That’s what this endorsement slate is about: making sure that we have forward-thinking, dynamic leaders at every level of our government who will deliver solutions to the biggest challenges we face,” said Buttigieg. “These 47 candidates are generational leaders, diverse and reflective of the country and communities they are seeking to serve. I’ll be urging our network at Win The Era to join me in supporting exciting candidates up and down the ballot.”

The 47 candidates endorsed by Win The Era are:

  • Judy Schwiebert, Ariz.LD-20
  • Coral Evans, Ariz. LD-6
  • Dave Min, Calif. SD-37
  • Brianna Titone, Colo. HD-27
  • Spiros Mantzavinos, Del. SD-7
  • Marie Pinkney, Del. SD-13
  • Ben Diamond, Fla. HD-68
  • Shevrin Jones, Fla.SD 35
  • Patricia Sigman, Fla.SD-09
  • Ricky Junquera, Fla.HD-118
  • Booker Gainor, Ga. HD-173
  • Sam Park, Ga. HD-101
  • Charles Clayton, Iowa HD-09
  • Gary Davis, Ind. SD-08
  • Belinda Drake, Ind. SD-32
  • Aimee Rivera Cole, Ind.HD-37
  • Naomi Bechtold, Ind.HD-24
  • Chris Chyung, Ind.HD-15
  • Ashley Klein, Ind.HD-39
  • Don Westerhausen, Ind.HD-05
  • Kyra Bolden, Mich. HD-35
  • Mari Manoogian, Mich.HD-40
  • Abigail Wheeler, Mich.HD-66
  • Domonique Clemons, Mich.: Genesee County Commissioner
  • Justin Hodge, Mich.: Washtenaw County Commission
  • Nicole Galloway, Mo. Governor
  • Louann Hansen Mont., HD-97
  • Adam Ericson, N.C. HD-20
  • Ricky Hurtado, N.C.HD-63
  • Aimy Steele, N.C.HD-82
  • Sue Prentiss, N.H. SD-5
  • Samra Brouk, N.Y. SD-55
  • Michelle Novak, Ohio HD-53
  • Janet Diaz, Penn. SD-13
  • Brittney Rodas, Penn. HD-105
  • Claudette Williams, Penn.HD-176
  • Tiara Mack, R.I. SD-6
  • Elizabeth Madeira, Tenn. House, HD-63
  • Brandon Thomas, Tenn.HD-49
  • John Bucy III, Tex. HD-136
  • Natali Hurtado, Tex. HD-126
  • Celina Montoya, Tex. HD-121
  • Lorenzo Sanchez, Tex. HD-67
  • Jenny Wilson, Utah, Salt Lake County Mayor
  • Shireen Ghorbani, Utah, Salt Lake County Council
  • Becca Balint, Vt. SD-17
  • Amanda White Eagle, Wisc. AD-92

The full list is available here.

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