2020 FABBY Awards — Restaurants

Best Inexpensive Restaurant
The Other Place

A unique comfort-food restaurant that is family-oriented from bone-to-bone, You’ll never feel the same…it’s a privilege and an honor to enjoy their hospitality, and amazing food. Please wear a mask.

Best After-Hours Restaurant

From SLC to PC and WVC, the burritos and much more yumminess are within your fetish needs and empty gut. An over-easy egg on any dish will melt your Chupacabra. Go in like the sexy masked avenger you are.

Best Restaurant for Breakfast
Park Cafe

Liberty, liberty, liberty. Where everybody knows your name, you hope, and where friends meet for a fabulous breakfast.

Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
Vertical Diner

While most guys and dolls enjoy a morning rush horizontally, they have no qualms going vertical for a fabulous, healthy meal. The primo staff at this diner provide the the guilty-pleasure dessert of eye-candy. But social distancing is a given.

Best Contemporary Restaurant

This charming and exotic fish and oyster restaurant make any mermen’s and mermaid’s fin curl. From an astonishing cocktail/wine menu to unique plates such as Spanish Octopus and Mary’s Organic Chicken, Current may always stay current. Glitter masks encouraged!

Best Ogden Restaurant
No Frills Diner

While there are no frills driving to and from Salt Lake City to beautiful and friendly Ogden, the No Frills Diner is a 1960’s style comfort-food hangout worth the commute: Poodle skirts are recommended. Masks required.

Best Asian Restaurant

This amazing LGBTQ-friendly establishment has been taking home Fabby awards for years, and thankfully so. From Q and all your homo followers: we bow in gratitude. Please wear a mask.

Best Mexican Restaurant
Chile Tepin

Located in downtown SLC, this contemporary Mexican restaurant has fabulized the gay community. Well, anything for Chi-Chi Rodriquez: am I right gurls?!!??! Unfortunately, please cover up that beautiful smile of yours.

Best Greek/Mediterranean Restaurant

Mazza, Mazza, Mazza: back in the Q chariot this year. And yet, the hot wait staff still won’t wear short-short togas. But, the dining experience wins. Masks, please.

Best Italian Restaurant
Caffé Molise

Is it ciao or chow? I guess it depends if you can stick a noodle to the wall or up your nostril. I’m assuming either will do for this multi Fabby winner. We love you. Mask it!

Best Steakhouse
Ruby River

Peanut shells and movie stars at this local “rustic” favorite. Ye haw! Everything from Steak & Avocado Egg Rolls to Gorgonzola New York Steak, how can you go wrong? Bandannas are necessary!

Best Local Coffeehouse
Coffee Garden
Don’t forget to bring your laptop and backpack to this one-stop bean counter that’s been bedazzled for decades. It’s a beautiful garden. Bee bonnets please!

Best Wine Selection

By The Glass is no cheapskate. If memory corrects, I believe they have a wine bubbler. LOL. This downtown hotspot provides a unique experience to your palette, and so forth it. An Uber recommended and mask a must!

Best Beer Selection
This longtime Fabby winner and local brewery has been successfully squatting in the entertainment district of Downtown Salt Lake since before the introduction of the vinyl record. Congrats! Please wear a mask, but just know vinyl is out!

Best Burger Joint
Tie: Proper Burger and Lucky 13

Call me bent over for a fresh, unique burger between a couple of warm buns named Top and Bottom. With atmospheric dining: rather it is in the quaint fast-food dining area, or in the larger gaming/booze hall, Proper Burger is tinted with the colorful gay rainbow. There’s an amazing, good-looking staff (chefs, bartenders, cashiers, and more). Wear a mask, Luvs!!

Lucky 13 has won more burger awards in its 12 years than any Salt Lake restaurant (though it’s technically a bar). Our favorite is the Bacon Stinky Cheeseburger. Big eaters can earn a cool $200 if they eat The Big Benny and The Lucky 13 Burger by themselves in an hour. For dessert, get a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich, made in good ol’ Utah.

Best Sandwiches
Soup Kitchen

Here, a staple doesn’t hurt at all. With a few locations around the valley, this long-engaged, comfort-food space reminds you of being wrapped in a blanket on your futon chair. Don’t miss out on their specialty sandwich: the S.k.s. Soup Kitchen Special. Be wise, wear a guise!

Best Pizza
Pie Pizzeria

Thankfully, no self-respecting homo is scared of a dungeon, especially when it involves 16-inches of yumminess, a talented and friendly staff, and where everybody should know your name, or at least your alias. Dungeon folk must wear a mask.

Best Bakery/Pastries

Well-known among the dessert industry, and because of the brilliance of Jacob Sanderholm, this bakery burns it up. And the LGBTQ says so. Buns, nuts, foam, and Skittles (possibly), this is the place you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, and/or check out Jacob in an apron. BAM! Masks on, please.

TIE: Best Barbecue

A pat on the back for this charming red farmhouse setup with lawn sculptures for purchase. Seriously, they grill the food outdoors with a shining grin (behind a mask).

Sugar House BBQ

From Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese to Bourbon Street Jambalaya, and more scrumptiousness, this fabulous eatery in the heart of Sugar House (duh!) is super quaint, and the staff is really kind of hot, just sayin!

Best Seafood
Market Street Grill

Shrimp on a skewer. Whiskers on a catfish. Mussels on the hot date across from you. Enjoy those options more so than trying to clean a crawfish. An awesome Pina Colada will drown your fears. Wear a mask.

Best Soups
Soup Kitchen

No soup Nazis here. With three locations, they know how to get the soup on during a rainy or snowy day, or just for the heck of it. Fabulous choices daily. Mask on!

Best Brunch
Diversion Social Eatery

As long as Dennis and Gene are there, you’re in. Thank god Gene has to wear a mask at all times. My love to you both.
Best Brew Pub

Whether your squatting at the airport, or downtown SLC, or in the Park City area, the Squatters Mug Club is a must. The best part is that the members show you the shape of their buttocks after midnight. Please wear a mask and underwear.

Best New Restaurant (Opened in past 24 months)
Steyk Center

A new, elongated swelling of the Tavernacle Club, is the Q readers Fabby winner. A grub hub of the finest and holiest. Piano playing is not an option, Michael Aaron, and with you specifically, a mask is necessary.

Best Food Truck
Fry Me to the Moon

This mobile eatery is not fearful of space travel: you can find it in the remote areas of Daybreak, Roy, Spanish Fork, West Valley City, and most importantly, at the Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce Gala on Oct. 22. They offer a kids menu, and vegetarian, vegan, and keto options. Fabulous. Social distancing a must.

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