FABBY Awards 2020 – Bars

Best All-Gay All-Day Every Day Bar
Sun Trapp

Bad-ass patrons will take down any anti-gay hooligans at this decades-long staple of queerness in SLC. Not to say it’s unsafe; quite the contrary. The Trapp is a kick-your-feet-up kind of place, with an incredible staff and a lot of enjoyment.

Best Irish Pub
Piper Down

The Irish sure know how to party with style and flair. This super gay-friendly establishment boasts that we all are “cut from the same cloth”. With an incredible staff, a quaint fire-pit porch, live music, trivia nights, and $1.50 mimosa Sundays, this is the best place to free-ball it.

Best Sports Bar
Green Pig

This establishment makes your tail curl (just go with it!). Great food, great mingling, and great community watching: LGBTQ and all other walks of life. From Sunday and Monday football to karaoke to trivia. Or just sit back with a cocktail on the rooftop bar.

Best Lounge
Red Door

We, at QSaltLake Magazine, congratulate once again our prestigious Fabby award for best lounge to the Red Door — a sleek and sassy martini bar in the arts district of Salt Lake. Posh, without being snooty, this is a fun and charming establishment before-and-after an evening at the theatre.

Best Dive Bar
Cheers 2 U
Peanut shells and porn movie stars. LOL, that’s not true! Just kick back and relax with a good pint or stein, and a whole lot of winks and smiles.

Best Bar for the Buck
Club Try-Angles

Social distancing is a must at Gene Nate’s watering-hole (he has one in his pants, too), but I digress. An “everybody knows your name” hangout for years at low prices, this Fabby winner is definitely no square.

Best Beer Bar
Beer Bar

The iconic-named Beer Bar, (no homo could come up with a more unique name), is a multi-annual FABBY winner, and we can’t be more thrilled.

Best Bar for Wine

Here at the Q, when it first was honored with a FABBY award, we thought the acronym stood for Birthing The Gays or Bathing the Gays. Lo-and-behold, it stands for By The Glass. Posh, and pretty; just remember to hold your wine glass by the stem, or else your gay card will be revoked.

Best Cocktails

A newcomer to the Wasatch Front, this club gets you all twisted in unusual positions at its will. Food, events, and libations on the Exchange Place patio or downstairs in the newly renovated boiler room. Congratulations to their first, and likely not their last, FABBY award.

Best Bar that Gives Back to the Community
Club Try-Angles

Love is always in the air at Try-Angles, and Gene, the owner, is not only driven to support the community in very special ways, but he will also take the Cookie Monster T-shirt off his back for you.

Best Park City Bar
No Name Saloon

A popular biker bar on historic Main Street in Park City is also a welcoming establishment to the LGBTQ community: staff and patrons, alike. Good times!

Best Ogden Bar
Sand Trap

One patron of the FABBY award-winning bar in Ogden said: “As someone who likes to occasionally drink a few brews and embarrass himself in public by singing karaoke terribly, the Sand Trap is my place.” Don’t we all?

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