FABBY Awards 2020 – Shopping

Best Local Shop for Clothing

Shop sustainably and locally at this gay-owned, FABBY-winning clothing boutique. From undies to ties, shoes, cuff links, and more, Spark has everything you need to dress for success, and/or a hot date. Club-wear to boardroom chic, there is nothing more sparkling than Spark.

Best Consignment/Gently Used Clothing

Do you love cast-off fashion? Well, then check out Iconclad, where you will find old-school fashionwear; plus locally made art and accessories.

Best Place to Buy Drag Attire
Pib’s Exchange

Swimming in all types of wigs, knee-high boots, naughty nurse costumes, and, occasionally, used clothing with a 20-dollar bill in a pocket, Pib’s is posh!!

Best Furniture
Green Ant

This vintage furniture store specializing in rare and collectible mid-century modern and pop-art pieces is not for the birds. Buy-and sell, babies!

Best Antiques
Haight & Ashbury Home
Currently open Fridays and Saturdays, H&A has furniture, home decor, clothing, and accessories. Where old meets new.

Best Florist
The Art Floral
The people are what make The Art Floral so Fabby. Did you see them handing out flowers at the Utah Pride 2.0 Road Rally? They gave out 2,000 carnations with QSaltLake last year. Fabby.

Best Jeweler
9th & 9th Jewelers
9th & 9th Jewelers offers free overnight digital CAD renderings, price quotes, and any changes you want to your design within 24 hours. Now that deserves a Fabby!

Best Local Book Store
King’s English
During this pandemic, we at QSaltLake sat back and watched the adorable Rob Eckman read stories on Facebook live. That’s just who they are — ready to be part of our lives no matter what. They have so many readings from authors Utah would like never see otherwise that they make our hamlet a nicer place to live.

Best Gift Store
You know something’s a little off when you walk into Cahoots and blush. And that’s before you get to the adult section. From risque calendars to cards and games you’d probably not show your mother… unless you have THAT mother.

Best Adult Toy Store
While cozy, the adult section at Cahoots is a place you wouldn’t be embarrassed to walk into, especially because the staff is so helpful and, well, adult about it all.

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