A Trump lover hurls homophobic slur and coughs on BLM group

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A Trump supporter was filmed taunting Black Lives Matter supporters with a homophobic slur before coughing on them within inches of their faces at a gas station in Kanab, Utah.

While pumping gas, Robert Brissette was filmed screaming at Black Lives Matter demonstrators on October 10, saying one protester looked like a “little pansy-ass piece of shit,” and “I hate all, you Democrats. Black lives don’t matter. All lives matter.”

Brissette continues to verbally browbeat the demonstrators before coughing on them no less than 11 times.

“Oh, I’m so scared of your little fucking virus,” the 42-year-old yelled. Some of the protesters attempted to ward him off with their signs to shove him away.

He eventually walked back to his white pickup truck, which sports a pro-Trump flag, as protesters loudly enticed: “Take your hate back somewhere else.”

He appeared to be under the influence by how he was walking.

Brissette said he faces several charges and set up a GoFundMe for his legal bills, and said the BLM protesters “laughed” at him and “threw rocks.” By press time the page had been taken down after only $50 was raised.

“I need help to clear my name against these race-beating (sic) protesters,” he wrote, noting his “reputation [is] trashed.”

Police, however, said they are still investigating charges.

Police chief Tom Cram said the arguments between the BLM protesters and the Trump supporters were getting more intense each week. 

“You can see the video and see what actually happened. It has all been investigated, the case has been turned over to the County Attorney’s Office for a screening of charges,” Cram said. He added that coughing on people during a pandemic is a crime. “It’s assault, no matter what. The question is, ‘Is it aggravated assault? Is it a felony assault?  Is it a misdemeanor assault?’” Cram asked. “With this virus, coughing on people is just a little more serious than simple assault. So, we have to discuss that and decide what we think is appropriate.”

Cram said Brissette was not arrested nor booked into jail.

Brissette reportedly gave police a statement and then allowed to go home while police and prosecutors weigh their decision. 

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