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At least 44 transgender or gender non-conforming people were fatally shot or killed by other violent means in the United States since the last Transgender Day of Remembrance in November 2019.

The vast majority of those victims were transgender people of color, specifically Black or Latinx.

We say at least because too often these stories go unreported or misreported. Very often a police department will misgender a trans person when talking to the public about the cases.

The Human Rights Campaign says that there has never been such a high number of cases since they started tracking data in 2013.

International statistics may be impossible to obtain because in many countries transgender people are so oppressed that authorities would never release such information.

Here are the names of transgender people in the United States who fell from violence since November 20, 2019:

Nikki Kuhnhausen, 17, was found dead, Dec. 7, in Larch Mountain, Oregon. She’d been missing since June. The suspect, who met her on Snapchat, told detectives he felt “shocked”, “uncomfortable”, and “really, really disturbed” when he found out she was trans. Her mother worked with Washington state legislators to have the Nikki Kuhnhausen Act signed into law — preventing defendants from claiming “diminished capacity” upon leaning of a victim’s gender identity.

Alice Carter, died Dec. 18 in Washington D.C., at the age of 35. Known for years as Baby Alice, Carter’s friendly and cheerful disposition despite her struggle with homelessness and substance abuse made her a popular figure.

Yahira Nesby, 33, was found dead by police called to her apartment on Dec. 19 in Brooklyn, N.Y. She had been shot in the chest and leg. A man was arrested trying to escape from the scene. She was a beloved member of the ball scene and the House of Chanel.

Mia Perry, 26, was killed on Dec. 29 in Washington, D.C. by armed members of a private security company who responded to a call about an intruder in a vacant apartment building reportedly used for sex work.

Dustin Parker, 25, was fatally shot in McAlester, Oklahoma, early on New Year’s Day. His employers released a statement shortly after his death, remembering Parker as “a steadfast friend, an amazing husband, and father and generous to a fault. He loved fiercely, worked tirelessly, and took on life with so much hope and enthusiasm that his presence brightened all of our lives.”

Alex McCray, 22, died by suicide on Jan. 4. In October 2015 he had won a court case over access to a gender-appropriate bathroom and locker rooms at his high school.

Camila Maria Concepcion, a trans-Latina writer, actor, and activist who worked on the Netflix series Gentefied and Daybreak died Feb. 21 by suicide in Los Angeles.

Neulisa “Alexa” Luciano Ruiz, was fatally shot in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico on Feb. 24. According to Metro Puerto Rico, members of her community knew her as “humble” and “noble.”

Yampi Méndez Arocho, 19, was killed in Moca, Puerto Rico, on March 5. Arocho, a transgender man, shared his love for basketball and the NBA — donning Miami Heat apparel on social media. The biography line on his Facebook read simply, “Humility Prevails.”

Scottlyn Kelly Devore/John Scott was strangled on March 12 in Augusta, Georgia. They were presenting as Scottlyn at the time of their death. A man and a woman are charged with their death.

Monica Diamond, 34, a Black transgender woman, was killed in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 18. Diamond was active in the Charlotte LGBTQ and nightlife community and was co-owner of an event promotion company. She also was the co-CEO of the International Mother of the Year Pageantry System — a pageant that honors LGBTQ mothers.

Lexi “Ebony” Sutton, 33, a transgender woman, was killed in Harlem, New York on March 28. According to reports, Lexi was fatally stabbed in Harlem River Park. “I really looked up to her because of her tolerance and respect,” said Lavonia Brooks, a friend of Lexi. “Lexi had a beautiful heart, she was very gifted.” Brooks also noted that Lexi loved poetry, makeup, and fashion.

Johanna Metzger, a transgender woman, was killed in Baltimore, Maryland on April 11. According to reports, she was visiting a Baltimore recovery center from Pennsylvania at the time. Johanna was known for her love of music and taught herself to play multiple instruments.

Serena Angelique Velázquez Ramos, 32, was killed in Puerto Rico on April 21 — killed alongside Layla Pelaez Sánchez, 21. According to reports, Ramos was vacationing on the island and set to return to her home in Queens, New York, at the end of the month. Loved ones are mourning her death, calling her “full of life,” a “happy person,” and a “sincere friend.” On May 1, two men were charged under federal hate crimes law for her death.

Layla Pelaez Sánchez, 21, was killed in Puerto Rico on April 21. Sánchez was killed alongside Serena Angelique Velázquez Ramos. According to reports, Sánchez had recently moved to the island and was living in the Tejas neighborhood in Las Piedras. On May 1, two Puerto Rican men were charged under federal hate crimes law for her death.

Penélope Díaz Ramírez, a transgender woman, was killed in Puerto Rico on April 13.

Nina Pop, a Black transgender woman, was killed in Sikeston, Missouri, on May 3. She was deeply loved by her family, friends, and community, according to her Facebook page.

Helle Jae O’Regan, 20, a transgender woman, was killed in San Antonio, Texas, on May 6. O’Regan was proud of her trans identity and on Twitter, she often spoke out against injustice, including the LGBTQ inequality, the prison industrial complex, and the need to decriminalize sex work. Damion Terrell Campbell, 42, has been charged with O’Regan’s murder.

Jayne Thompson, 33, was shot and killed by a police officer on May 9 after being discovered unresponsive outside a marketplace in Orchard Mesa, Colorado. The officer said she pulled out a knife when he tried to give aid.

Tony McDade, a Black transgender man, was killed in Tallahassee, Florida, on May 27. His friends and family shared how he was an energetic, giving person with a big heart.

Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells, a Black transgender woman was killed in Philadelphia on June 9. One personal friend posted online, “Dom was a unique and beautiful soul who I am lucky to have known personally. I am beside myself right now. We need to fight!! We need to do more!!!! We will get justice.”

Riah Milton, a 25-year-old Black transgender woman, was killed in Liberty Township, Ohio on June 9. In March, she posted the status “Never been scared to struggle. Imma gets it eventually” — a comment highlighting her resilience and optimism as a person facing a transphobic, misogynist, and racist society.

Jayne Thompson, a 33-year-old white transgender woman, was killed in Mesa County, Colorado, on May 9. She was killed by a Colorado State Patrol trooper and misgendered in initial news reports.

Selena Reyes-Hernandez, a 37-year-old transgender woman, was killed in Chicago on May 31. An 18-year old man was arrested after admitting to shooting her in the head and back upon finding she was transgender after he went home with her.

Brian “Egypt’ Powers, a 43-year-old Black transgender person, was killed in Akron, Ohio, on June 13. Powers worked at a local catering company and is remembered for wearing long, colorful braids — “unicorn braids,” as Powers called them.

Brayla Stone, a 17-year-old Black transgender girl, was found killed in Little Rock, Arkansas, on June 25. “Brayla Stone was a child. A child, just beginning to live her life. A child of trans experience. A Black girl. A person who had hopes and dreams, plans and community,” said Tori Cooper, HRC director of community engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative. On September 4, a man was arrested on a murder charge in connection to her death.

Tatiana Hall, 22, was found dead in Philadelphia on June 30. Little information is available about her death.

Merci Mack, a 22-year-old Black transgender woman, was killed in Dallas, Texas, on June 30. Her loved ones shared how beautiful of a friend she was. On her social media, she posted that she enjoyed baking and looking forward to returning to work. On July 8, a man was arrested on a murder charge in connection to her death.

Draya McCarty, 28, was found dead on the side of a road in or near Baton Rouge, La. in late June. Very little info can be found about her murder.

Shaki Peters, a 32-year-old Black transgender woman, was killed in Amite City, Louisiana, on July 1.

Bree Black, a 27-year-old Black transgender woman, was killed in Pompano Beach, Florida, on July 3.

Summer Taylor, a white non-binary person, was killed in Seattle on July 4. Taylor was participating in the Black Femme March in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and against police brutality. Taylor worked full time at Urban Animal veterinary hospital.

Marilyn Monroe Cazares was a transgender Latina killed in Brawley, California. Mindy Garcia, an aunt of Cazares, said she “loved to sing and dance” and “never bothered anyone.”

Dior H Ova, who some report identified as Tiffany Harris, a Black transgender woman, was killed in Bronx, New York. According to her Facebook, Ova loved fashion — listing her career as a personal shopper and posting photos with luxury fashion brands that she loved. On August 13, a man was arrested on a murder charge in connection to her death.

Queasha D Hardy, a 22-year-old Black transgender woman, was killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 27. Hardy, a hairstylist, was extremely loved by her community. Friends and loved ones describe her as loyal, loving, “always smiling,” “the life of all parties,” and “truly one of a kind.”

Aja Raquell Rhone-Spears, who sometimes used the name Rocky Rhone, a Black transgender woman, was killed in Portland, Oregon, on July 28. According to Facebook, she studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and was the owner and founder of International Barbie, a Portland-based clothing brand.

Kee Sam, a Black transgender woman, was killed in Lafeyette, Louisiana, on August 12.

Isabella Mia Lofton was found dead after an apparent fall from the sixth to the fifth floor of a Brooklyn building Sept. 7. Her body was partially nude and wrapped in a plastic tarp. Authorities say that she had alcohol and drugs in her system and died of accidental causes, but the family believes her death was foul play.

Aerrion Burnett, a Black transgender woman, was killed in Independence, Missouri, on Sept. 19. Her friends and family shared “if you wanted to have a good day, you need to smile, Aerrion was the person you wanted by your side.”

Mia Green, a 29-year-old Black transgender woman, was killed in Philadelphia on Sept. 28. Her friends and family shared how “her smile was so perfect and so contagious. She made me laugh.”

Michelle Michellyn Ramos Vargas, a transgender woman from Puerto Rico in her mid-30s, was killed in San Germán, Puerto Rico on Sept. 30.

Felycya Harris, a 33-year-old transgender woman, was killed in Augusta, Georgia in October. Felycya was an interior decorator who ran her own company where she enjoyed lending her eye to improve the surroundings of others and made others feel comfortable in their own space.

Brooklyn Deshauna Smith, 20, a Black transgender woman, was killed in Shreveport, Louisiana, on Oct. 7. Brooklyn attended Bossier Parish Community College and studied cosmetology.

Sara Blackwood, a transgender woman, was killed in Indianapolis, Indiana on Oct. 11, recognized as National Coming Out Day. She enjoyed playing video games and was a fan of the show My Little Pony.

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