QScopes November 2020

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Much progress succeeds in a personal relationship. Celebrate and spend time with those who matter to you. While it might not always be appropriate to flirt, make sure to keep the dynamic playful and lighthearted. The more you work on this relationship, the more you can grow.


An attempt to make things better could be unsuccessful. But don’t let this hold you back from trying again. The second time will not only go smoothly but will actually be favorable. Don’t be afraid to get messy and find a way to provide a better life for yourself. You deserve the best!


A willingness to reach out to a friend in need leads to a rewarding outcome for you both. Anyone who puts you down is not worth your time. The reward is that you’ve done what needs to be done while others stand by. Take a grasp and know you did the right thing.


Put together a group that knows how to get the job done. You work best with a network, even if some of the links are a tad weak. At the end of the day, the circle will produce a lot of joy. It may get a little messy but no order ever resulted without a bit of chaos. Keep on producing! 


Everything you thought was going right comes into question. The best way to turn things around is to eliminate elements that provide doubt. In the end, focus on what is going right for you and cultivate it. Focus on staying healthy and having a positive outlook and the rest will fall into place.


Even if the structure of your life is crumbling, it isn’t ready to fall anytime soon. Spend a little time working on what needs to be done, but don’t let it distract from enjoying life. Working on the spirit and getting a grip on things is the only way you’ll prevail. Rest assured you’re doing fine. 


However you spin it, there is no way of convincing yourself that running away is the right choice. That’s probably because it isn’t. The real path to glory is by putting faith in others and growing your address book. As independent as you like to be, your favorite activities are not done solo.


Someone you have left out of your social scene may not be there when they finally come to mind. Spend some time ensuring that no one who has put their trust in you is forgotten. Take stock of your friends and maybe even start a group chat. It’s amazing how much the world needs you.


A family drama or relationship complication could dampen your spirits. But the lessons about life you are learning are crucial. Find time to make things right and never forget that bad can result in good. That’s not to say that everything will be as good as it was bad, but you’ll find satisfaction.


The best way to tackle big messes is to clean one at a time. The same goes for trying to please other people. Not everyone is stimulated in the same way, so get to know them on their terms. You’ll find that the more you adapt, the more you help yourself by helping others.


The question keeps coming up in your mind regarding the location of a great person you once knew. It has been a long time and you could desire to catch up. The best place to start is by asking common friends or family members. Don’t put in too much effort. But if you can do it, it’s worth it.


A secret you once held dear is forgotten but only triggered by an important event. Take time to figure out what you should keep to yourself and what begs for sharing. In the end, giving up information no longer matters as long as no one gets hurts.

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