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Kindness, cheer, and goodwill to all

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No matter how you slice it, 2020 was a hell of a year. What we all need now, maybe more than ever, are healthy doses of kindness, cheer, and goodwill.  What better way to spread those holiday staples than the perfect gift? Here are some great gift ideas for the LGBTQ+ parents and their kids in your life.


Kids want to proclaim their love for their family, and Gay Pride Apparel lets them do it in style. Why not pick up a cute I Love My 2 Moms (or 2 Dads) or a Love Makes a Family T-shirt? They come in toddler and youth sizes. They also have a nice selection of gifts for adults, as well.

If you’re more creative than the average gift-giver, check out Customized Girl. You can design a closet-full of fun, gay parent-themed clothing for kids and adults alike. They also offer a host of other options like totes, masks, and mugs, as well.


Want to give new parents – especially new dads – something different? Why not offer them 24/7 access to a pediatric nurse? Maryanne Tranter, Ph.D., APN offers packages to help prepare new parents on a variety of topics, as well as answer questions. Check it out at Healthy Child Concierge.

Maybe you can’t wait to be the favorite aunt or g’uncle. Gays with Kids has just launched a Partners to Fatherhood Program, which offers a wide variety of information about the various paths to parenthood for gay men.


You can’t go wrong with books! There are several fun titles for kids with LGBTQ+ parents and the moms and dads on your list.

For the kids:

  • Greg Howard has two great coming-of-age books for tweens. The Whispers about a young gay teenage boy trying to find his mom, and Middle School’s a Drag, You Better Werk about a school talent show, an enterprising kid, and a budding drag queen!
  • Solving a cyber mystery isn’t the only challenge that Zenobia July must deal with. She’s also coming out as a trans girl.
  • Two dogs are on an exciting quest to protect their dads in Alan Cumming’s (yes, the actor) The Adventures of Honey and Leon.
  • Ellie Royce delights readers with Auntie Uncle, a story about a drag queen who saves the day, as seen through the eyes of his/her nephew.

For the parents:

Find these titles – and many more – at Salt Lake’s own The King’s English. If it’s not on the shelf, they’re happy to order it.

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for stocking stuffers? Try one of the fun graphic novels about Pete Buttigieg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or Kamala Harris available from Tidalwavecomics.com. Or Little Justice Leaders – a monthly box to help young learners better understand complex issues, including LGBTQ+ rights.

I strive only to include gifts specifically for LGBTQ+ families, but Laura Ann Cohn’s cute pink flamingo cards don’t have anything to do with gay parenting. However, when she pitched me the idea, she was so kind, I just had to include them anyway — you can buy them on Etsy (LACBirds).

Here’s wishing everyone a holiday season filled with kindness, cheer and good will to all.

Happy Holidays!

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