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QSaltLake’s 2020 Holiday Book Gift Ideas – Mystery/Thriller/True Crime

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The giftee who loves historical mystery will relish The Streel: A Deadwood Mystery, by Mary Logue. Set in Deadwood, South Dakota, the story follows a teenage Irish immigrant whose brother is involved in a kerfuffle, and she must clear his name. The problem? He has a gold claim and it ain’t no small thing. Historical mystery lovers will also love The Day Lincoln Lost, by Charles Rosenberg; a thriller novel that asks “What if…?”

If there’s someone on your list who likes smart crime-solvers, you’ll be glad you wrapped up The Revelators, by Ace Atkins. The novel features one of Atkins’ best-loved sheriffs, Quinn Colson, and a crime syndicate that’s threatening everything he holds dear.

The person on your gift list who loves a good murder will be happy with 18 Tiny Deaths, by Bruce Goldfarb. It’s the story of Frances Glessner Lee, a grandmotherly woman whose small doll-house-like crime-scene recreations revolutionized the science of forensics. Wrap it up with How to Catch a Killer, by Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D., a book filled with stories about serial murderers, how they’re profiled, and what it took to put them away.

No true crime fan will want to miss unwrapping Doctor Dealer, by George Anastasia and Ralph Cipriano this season. It’s the story of a motorcycle gang, a dishonest doctor, drugs, murder, and lost money. Wrap it up with the unusual true crime book: The Last Assassin: The Hunt for the Killers of Julius Caesar, by Peter Stothard. Yes, it’s really every bit as fascinating as it seems.

What would make your true crime fan happiest this holiday? This: Dancing with the Octopus, by Debora Harding. When she was a child, Harding was the victim of a horrible crime. Years later, while trying to deal with what had happened years ago, she meets the man who hurt her so… do pair it up with Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir, by Natasha Trethewey, who writes of a family tragedy and a mother’s history.

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