QScopes January ’21


The temptation to reinvent everything is tempting. But take some time and introduce change gradually. There is nothing wrong with the status quo. Big changes need to be eased in slowly. Don’t forget to breathe and let things glide for a while. The fun is about to begin to hold on.


Get in touch with a friend with whom you have lost touch. There is a strange sense that time has stood still but escaped your grasp. It’s okay to be afraid of reaching out. The fastest way to make a connection is to find a common love. Take a position that you love and enjoy the passion.


It’s a good time for parties and getting into the spirit of things. Even if things can’t be as big or exciting as you’d like, there are still plenty of opportunities for pleasure. Plan things carefully and put safety first. If someone can’t play by the rules, then they aren’t going to be worth the risks.


Gain perspective on business and finances. This is a great time to budget for a trip or big purchase that hasn’t been feasible for a while. Even if things aren’t going to work out, plan as though they will. It never hurts to create a goal and put forward the measure to make it happen.


This could be the worst time for someone to bother you. Don’t be harsh and take some time to be alone. Discover yourself. There is a longing that needs to be satisfied. Take matters into your own hands and get the work done. You may find that others are much more likable afterward.


It might take some time to warm up and get back to business. The real stress comes not from your lack of progress but the lack of desire. Take it slow when dealing with a friend or someone you love and express a need for patience. You may find that they share your need for calm too.


Not everyone is feeling as optimistic as you are. It might be a good time to cut a few tight connections and get a sense of freedom for a bit. That’s not to say you have to burn a bridge, but rather create some new paths to explore. You may find the examples you set to fix the problems.


Even when it seems like a bad idea, there is always a good fight to be had. Engage in a debate that stimulates you and enjoy the process of discovery. Even when you are wrong, you are a winner. The truth comes from expanding your mind as well as other aspects of yourself. Enjoy!


It might not be the quickest route to happiness, but you can always learn to let go of obligations. There is a need to feel a sense of calm but the need to please is always on your mind. For just a few minutes, allow others to realize just how much they need you by letting go. They’ll be back


Even if it takes a while, there is a good reward waiting at the end of a long process. There is a lot of great journeys to take, and some of those aren’t in the literal sense. Watch some great videos and learn to use your imagination. Even if the world is a linear place for you, the mind is not.


The past has a funny way of asserting itself during this time period. Recall the lessons and remember what made the good times worth it. In the end, learning from what you’ve been through is the best gift you can give yourself. Even if you’ve changed, the same old rules still apply.


It doesn’t really matter how hard you try, there is something that is not working out. That’s okay as long as you are willing to make some changes. Ask yourself the hard questions and get into the swing of things. There is a chance you have to break something in order to put it back together.

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