‘Shame’ and ‘Disgusting’ chants target Utah’s ‘Lady MAGA’ at DC rally

Salt Lake’s own Ryan Woods, whose Trump-supporting drag personae known as ‘Lady MAGA,’ was the target of “shame” and “disgusting” chants while speaking at the supposed Million Maga March in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 13.

Video on social media shows MAGA supporters and many in the Fuentes’ “groyper” movement chanting “Shame! Shame! Shame!” and a man with a megaphone yelling, “That’s disgusting” during the performer’s speech.

“I am a proud patriot, constitutionalist, and a free American standing up for my country,” Lady Maga tweeted in response to the coverage. “These people (especially ‘Tiny Tim [Nick Fuentes]) are just sad.’”

Woods claims that the response to his Lady MAGA character has been very positive overall.

Other social media posts point out that Lady MAGA called a Rose Park Elementary School principal to shame her for displaying the rainbow and Black Lives Matter flags in the hallway.

“You need to make phone calls when you see this kind of ridiculousness,” Woods said on a Twitter video.

He introduced himself as a “concerned citizen of Salt Lake City.”

“I’m gay, but I don’t think that a rainbow flag is an appropriate flag to fly outside of an American elementary school,” Woods said before calling the flag “leftist, political radicalism.” Q

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