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Project Rainbow announced this month the formation of their Community Fund to help finance LGBTQ+ events and projects throughout Utah. Individuals, groups, and organizations may apply for grants ranging from $100 to $7,000 for a specific, defined project or event that is in alignment with Project Rainbow Utah’s mission to “promote LGBTQ+ visibility throughout Utah.” 

Project Rainbow Utah has supported many Pride Festivals and direct service organizations throughout Utah since 2018, raising funds by staking temporary pride flags in the yards of thousands of homes and businesses across the state.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Utahns helped raise more money through staked flags than ever before. In all, 3,369 flags staked over the course of the year at homes and businesses throughout the state. Donations received from those hosting flags or sponsoring Project Rainbow Utah, in 2021, go to fund grants. 

The initial period for a grant application began January 8 and runs through Feb. 12. The first grants will be handed out by March 12.

Among the guidelines that favor receiving a grant include an ability to impact a large group of people, involve people in the community, a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, and the possibility of project expansion in the future.

The group seeks to spread the funds geographically, by project type, size, and timing.

There are three levels of grants available: Public art/community activism projects which could receive between $100 and $1,000; medium-sized projects and first-time events which receive up to $3,000; large projects and established events which can receive up to $7,000.

More information and an application form can be found at projectrainbowutah.org/community-fund

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