QScopes February 2021

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Everything you are going through is amazing, as long as you don’t spend much focus on what is going wrong. Allow bad things to slide off and have faith that the universe will repair itself. In the end, it’s better to be happy than perfect.


Congratulations are in order for the time being. There is much that you have accomplished, and even the small victories are worth celebrating. Be sure to include friends and family in the festivities but don’t get too full of yourself. 


Even if no one is coming to your rescue, there is a good solution to the problems you face. Never let anyone get in your way, and take the time to focus on what needs to be done. In the meantime, take some time to have a good time. 


There could be a long waiting period to find the answer you seek. Don’t fret, for there is a lot of discovery that comes with waiting. Even if something doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t mean it won’t someday. Enjoy the mystery. 


Whatever is being concealed by someone you desire, it isn’t worth losing yourself over. A lot is going on behind the scenes, but smoke and mirrors are simply a way of generating awe. The real truth comes from the quiet moment to come. 


Feeling good and looking gorgeous is always the best way to be! Everyone could be looking at you if you know where to show off and not look like an arrogant punk. Find a forum that really makes you proud to be involved and show your stuff.


The dread you’ve been feeling for a while now is starting to pass. It may not seem likely, but good things are coming. Take the time to prepare and learn how to be happy again. You may have been a good sport, but soon you won’t need to try.


Give yourself a little break and take some time for yourself. You know what you like better than anybody else. When you think about the possibilities, ask yourself if you can teach others to provide the same thing. The answers may surprise you.


A heavy burden seems to be lifting. Even if there is still work to do, what remains to be done may actually be fun. Gather your marbles and get ready to make some progress in your love life. Nothing is better than a fresh start, even a late one.


Overthinking the big questions is nothing new to you. However, finding small truths is somewhat challenging these days. The best thing you can do is figure out how to use small answers to answer big dilemmas. It turns out that size matters.


A new age seems to have dawned, even if it really hasn’t. It could be the world or simply your perception of it, but this could be a good time to apply new feelings to old associations. Get finances in order, take charge of ongoing issues. Enjoy!


No matter what the cost may be, it’s not worth getting into trouble over a matter that compromises your principles. You never intend to harm others, but you could be blind to their needs and agenda. Find enjoyment in walking in others’ shoes.

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