New SLCo councilman says ‘left’ won’t be happy until everyone is bisexual, ‘light brown’

Newly elected Salt Lake County Council member David Alvord wrote a Facebook saying that the “left” won’t be happy until “we each have light brown skin,” “until we are all bi-sexual and in non-committed relationships,” and “there are no males, no females.”

Representing a district on the farthest western edge of the county, including West Valley City, Magna, Daybreak, and Herriman, Alvord replaced Michael Jensen, who chose not to run for re-election.

“They won’t be happy until we have no children, and simply have new humans arrive in labs and immediately put into a school for collectivism and indoctrination,” his post continued. “[T]his equity movement if taken to its logical conclusion will ruin life for everyone.”

Alvord changed the privacy settings so that his post is no longer publicly viewable and “clarified” his position.

“The ‘left’ I named in a previous post isn’t any particular person, or even Democrats. The left I refer to is Cancel Culture who is being too aggressive and who cancels Parler, Gina Carano, conservative books on Amazon, Girls sports [sic], and today Dr. Suess [sic].”

Asked how he feels after some people are calling for his resignation, Alvord replied, “Call out cancel culture and they try to cancel you.”

Chris Jensen, board chair of the Utah Pride Center, responded to Alvord’s clarification post, inviting him to meet people at the Center.

“I can’t believe I’m having to respond to an elected official about attacking the LGBTQ+ community (again),” Jensen wrote. “I’m the board chair for the Utah Pride Center. I’d really love for you to come in and talk with us about issues the community deals with daily. I think you’d learn a lot and see that it’s not ‘us vs. them.'”

“The point of my post was to say that I see no easy end to the culture war,” Alvord told The Salt Lake Tribune. “It’s very unclear to us on the right to think that the left will ever be satisfied.”

“And I don’t think biological males should compete against biological females in sports,” Alvord texted to The Tribune. “It’s probably actually dangerous. Someone could get killed. Another way of saying it is that I think the left is going too far.”

In previous tweets, Alvord declared “Twitter is not an exclusive club for gay people of color.” He also wrote, “Eventually, if social change never ends, it winds up being regressive. We’ll have to call up down and down up. We won’t be able to distinguish humans from animals. Where is all this social change heading? If the goal is always to change, we’ll run out of changes.”

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