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LGBTQ at BYU: Sabina Mendoza

BA Exercise Science (’18)

Describe your BYU experience

My time at BYU is one giant blur of anxiety, confusion, and bright spots of the most real and intense connections I’ll ever have. That is what I’ll remember most from BYU: meeting other queer Mormons and feeling truly seen and understood by others for the first time. I would do it all over again for the opportunity to know those people.

Describe your experience post-BYU

Going to BYU was like running a marathon I didn’t train for and I am still catching my breath after it. I am so very grateful to be done. I can be anything and anyone I want to be now, and that opportunity is thrilling.

What advice or wisdom would you share with a current LGBTQ+ BYU student?

All I know is that this life isn’t worth living if you’re not living as your 100% authentic self. And if someone or something isn’t allowing you to do that, get rid of that poison before it destroys any part of the glorious you. Hold tight to the people that do support the authentic you, and you will survive the hard times. Friends like that, especially at BYU, are worth more than gold.

Are there any other thoughts or experiences you’d like to share?

There is nothing more satisfying than holding my diploma because it is proof that I survived when I almost didn’t. It is my proudest accomplishment, not because of the classes or grades, but because it taught me what I am capable of.

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