QScopes – April 2021

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Choosing a new path is recommended. This could mean validating your current directory, but the process is crucial right now. Take a moment to figure out where you are going and where you want to be in the near future.

There could be problems with your friends, and it’s making you grumpy. Even so, it comes down to helping, hurting, or taking a break. Sometimes a little alone time is the best way to go, so enjoy yourself no matter what you decide.

Try doing what you can to take a mini-vacation, even if you can’t really go far. The scenery isn’t bad where you are. You are craving a new perspective. Go alone or with a friend and figure out a nice place to rejuvenate your mind.

No one can stop you when you have your mindset on something you want. What you might not expect is pushback from someone who finds your methods shocking. Take a step back and talk with this person and laugh.

Ever get the sense that others are out to get you? That might actually be true, but only because they have their own sets of agendas. Realize that what you do and what they do have nothing to do with each other. Try to have fun.

Grab life by the horns and go with the flow. Everything seems to be going okay, even if it isn’t perfect. Continue figuring out the best way to get results and worry less about the degree of quality. In the end, you can fix the small stuff.

The problems you are facing seem big when they all come at once. Check tasks off one at a time. It’s all small stuff getting you down, so treat it as such. In the end, there are many rewards in these small packages of triumph.

You’ll be wondering what happened to your social life. The real answer is that it’s simply on hold. When things get back to normal, it’s going to be a blast from the past. Examine what matters and chill with a refreshing drink.

There could be some problems with a key relationship. While it might make you sad, there is nothing to be gained by crying over it. Instead, take a moment to allow yourself a do-over, or at the very least, a reflection of self.

Get involved with a cause that speaks to you. This can be a personal one or a social movement. But in the end, the goal is to find focus in purpose. Even if you don’t get paid, the reward will be the feeling of gaining results.

Calming times are bound to have you resting in the best possible way. Put aside anything that drags you from this place, whether it be a job or social obligations. This is your time to figure yourself out. Claim your time wisely.

It doesn’t feel good to look at your financial situation. Get your affairs in order and clean up the minor messes. Pay attention to everything that isn’t working and make it work. In the end, attention to detail is most satisfying.

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