QScopes — May 2021

Someone close to you has been a blessing, and you can’t imagine the world without them. Find a way to utilize this person while keeping a sense of independence. There is so much you can learn from them about being happy.

You may be feeling some anxiety about changes coming up. You like things the way they are but realize that good things can come from the most unexpected sources. Simplify your life and make room for the good stuff. It’s exciting.

Your nerves are shot, a good sign you need a vacation. Take some time to turn off everything and make sure to let everyone know. While the social butterfly in you likes groups, an extreme is a good way to quiet the beast.

A relationship is flourishing in a routine manner. While you don’t want chaos, a little shake-up sounds appealing. Rock the boat carefully, or you risk falling off. In the end, it’s okay to have an edge but be careful not to cut too close.

Take charge but don’t forget to submit once in a while. The best way to get things done is by letting others do the job. Make yourself comfortable. Enjoy the ride, but don’t forget that you don’t have to be idle if things aren’t going well.

Starting over again is fine as long as you remember the process. There is great power in a do-over, especially when it has to do with a personal matter. Someone you once let go of should be given a second chance. Proceed!

The longer a bad feeling exists, the harder it will be to shake. Do your part and nip issues in the bud. A financial matter should be examined, but don’t forget to pencil in a few fun expenditures. You deserve to be happy with life too.

Sleep on a problem before committing to a solution. A shake-up could result in what you decide, but there are few wrong choices. In the end, the work you do is going to matter to others, but it should matter to you as well. Choose wisely.

You might not see it now, but things are getting better. Get out and see the world, even if it means taking a few safety measures. A family member is there to help, and so are your friends. Take your comfort zone with you if you must.

Have a bit of fun with someone who wants to help. There is an opportunity to get out and see the world. Even if no one is ready to go full throttle, get the ball rolling on a long-term project. A business venture is in the cards.

It’s a period of creativity! Good works are coming out of your mind and spirit. Share what you want, but don’t expose yourself until you are ready. The best kind of praise is that which is warranted, and there will be plenty of it.

It doesn’t feel good to give up on an old friend, but exam a relationship and decide if it still makes sense. Don’t worry if something has changed and embraced the chance to reinvent a dynamic. Let go if it feels right. It’s okay.

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