July 2021 QScopes

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With great desire comes a sense of passion. There may be a project on your requiring attention. Find some time to get your creative juices flowing and get right on it. There could be a muse willing and able to help out. Show gratitude.


Focus on a problem and blast it out of your life. While there could be distractions, nothing feels better than taking matters into your own hand and finding some peace. Even if the world isn’t perfect, there are great moments in store.


A mighty force is bound to knock the wind out of you. Be prepared for the worst but don’t fret. Dust off and keep going. While the problems you face are jarring, they aren’t lasting or impactful. New days are guaranteed (probably).


Delve into an adventure and get into the grove this season. Now is a great time for a trip or long-term R&R session. Take a friend along or simply go solo. There is no wrong way to celebrate as long as you’re doing it with a big smile.


Whatever it takes to find a sense of purpose, do it. As long as no one gets hurt, there is no task or desire that can’t be fulfilled. The way to get ahead is to look inward. A team could be on standby to help, so enlist some help soon.


Dive into the abyss of mystery and learn things you didn’t know about before. While the world seems vast and complicated, there are common threads wherever you go. Search for meaning in the form of a relationship or family bond. 


Leap toward the future with a sense of hope. Even if there is a lot still to do, nothing feels better than spending time with people you love and care about. A relationship is going to grow or change for the better. Anything is possible.


No one seems to notice that you are going through something. While it is not in your nature to complain, it would be prudent to share your feelings with someone you like. It can solve your emotional turmoil and make for good times.


Never mind that the world isn’t perfect right now for you. The fact that it is flawed could bring you comfort. After all, without having a problem to dwell on, the perfect world would be hard to accept. Stay grounded and do your best.


A new project can bind you to the sense of meaningful work you seek to accomplish. Even if no one is around to celebrate, enjoy the satisfaction of doing creative work. Stay on task and get a job done nicely. The world awaits.


Doors are opening faster than you can walk through them and it’s starting to feel like you can’t slow down. The desire for a break isn’t presenting itself. Keep on going and figure out how far you can keep things going. Very exciting!


You don’t have to start at the beginning. Jumping to the end of a process is a great way to figure out the goal. Find ways to break the mold and do what feels right. You might not get it now, but great things are coming soon.

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