Utah Pride Center CEO resigns, effective immediately

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The Utah Pride Board of Directors Tuesday night accepted the immediate resignation of its executive director/CEO, Rob Moolman.

“As the Utah Pride Center Board of Directors, we are sad to announce that Dr. Rob Moolman, CEO of the Utah Pride Center, has decided to leave his position at the Utah Pride Center,” Utah Pride Center Board Chair Chris Jensen wrote in a release. “Dr. Moolman has asked that we expedite his departure to allow him to focus on his next personal and professional chapter, and to spend time with his loved ones. The Board has accepted his request.”

Jonathan Foulk, the Center’s current chief operations officer, will step in as the interim CEO. The board announced that a new CEO will begin work in September.

“[T]he Board’s search for a new CEO is approaching finalization in the next few weeks. We look forward in that time, to welcoming our new CEO to fill the significant and innovative place Dr. Moolman leaves behind,” the release read.

Moolman said he’s excited about the candidates that the search has been narrowed to.

“The next few weeks will be particularly exciting as the new CEO is selected. The review process has been robust and thorough. There is no doubt in my mind that the three candidates selected for the final interviews are exceptional. I am confident that the next CEO will continue to grow and develop the Center in new and exciting ways,” Moolman wrote. “As the new CEO steps in to guide, support and expand the vision of the Center, they should be welcomed and given the space to thrive.  They will have my full support.”

Moolman said the decision to ask for an immediate resignation was not an easy one.

“This has not been an easy or hasty decision. It had been my intention that I would remain at the helm until the new CEO was chosen and moved into the position. Over the past few weeks, however, I have realized that it is imperative I change that decision,” Moolman wrote in a letter to his staff. “It is finally time for my focus to be on my husband, my family, and my next exciting personal and professional chapter.”

Moolman did reference a recently filed lawsuit against the Center and its hiring practices and treatment of nonbinary and whistleblower employees.

“For almost a year and a half, a small group of disgruntled ex-employees have continued to systematically attack and undermine both myself and the UPC. Through their recent lawsuit aimed at myself and the Utah Pride Center, they have continued their campaign despite three third-party, independent investigations separately and publicly refuting all claims — prior to their suit being filed. The UPC has an obligation to organizational privacy, and this group has chosen to use this as a platform for exploiting personal agendas. It is incredibly sad and telling to see a few of those we once worked with, put the life-saving work at the UPC in risk by actively striving to divide our team, our donors, and our community relationships. Fortunately, they have not succeeded.”

“Make no mistake and let me be very clear – I have and always have had, the full support of the Board of Directors and my team here at the UPC, for which I am thankful,” Moolman continued. “As of today, I choose to no longer engage with a continued character assassination of me and our work by people who have shown by their actions that they have no character at all.”

The board, in their release, reiterated their support of Moolman.

“Dr. Moolman’s excellent and noteworthy work here at the Utah Pride Center these past three and a half years has brought significant growth and stability, and his commitment and integrity have been fundamental and unwavering in the face of unprecedented challenges and unfounded personal attacks. For this, we as a Board will be forever grateful,” the statement read. “As a Board we recognize that Dr. Moolman leaves our Center in the soundest position it has been in for many years. This is largely thanks to his vision and action, the great team that he has built, and his determination to see our Center succeed. This has brought UPC’s front-of-stage work and its behind-the-scenes infrastructure up to equal levels of strength, resulting in a very solid foundation for us as we begin this new chapter.”

The full statements from Moolman and the board of directors can be found here.

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