Obituary: Brandon Creer

Jan. 29 1965 – July 12, 2021

Brandon Allen Creer (BC), 56, of Lakewood, Colorado, a resourceful soul, who surprised everyone by living this long, was finally called home by Heavenly Father on July 12, 2021. His strong heart gave out ending a life of much sorrow and suffering for him and his family due to schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type), alcoholism, AIDS, Hepatitis C, chronic broken back pain, and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (a rare, terminal blood disorder). 

Despite his serious health challenges, he enjoyed the good times life offered and never failed to seize a moment to exuberance with abandon. He taught us much about living a day at a time with patience and faith in God’s purposes by never giving up or losing hope. 

It was a bright and hopeful day when darling first-born, Brandon, entered this world bruised and battered on Jan. 29, 1965, in Santa Rosa, CA. He moved with his family to Ogden, Utah in 1971, lived in North Ogden, Liberty (where he grew up), and spent most of his adult life in Salt Lake City. In 1983, he graduated from Weber High School with the help of a dear school counselor, Noreen Francis, who had the compassion to recognize his challenges. 

Brandon was not always able to fully utilize the gift of high intelligence that was given him, though there were highlights in his life when he was editor of a newspaper and a counselor for youth in drug rehab. He owned and operated the Pillar LGBT Newspaper in Salt Lake City for a number of years. He also enjoyed landscaping work with his dear friends Layne Johnson and Scott Smith. 

He was naturally brilliant with technology and held a variety of IT jobs over the years including Phillips BTS and the Blackwater Corporation.  He attended Weber State University, Utah State University, and the University of Utah.  He was musically gifted, played a variety of instruments, and enjoyed leading the Odyssey House choir, playing the piano, and marching in Weber High’s band with the oboe and xylophone.  He loved all things in nature, especially the mountains, the ocean, and cats. 

Brandon served the Lord in the LDS South Carolina Mission. He was blessed with special spiritual experiences throughout his life and was supported by many generous and caring angels as he struggled to deal with and change the impulsive bipolar episodes that often lead to destructive behaviors. To say his life was a roller coaster ride is putting it mildly (and we were on it with him!). He suffered much abuse because of judgment and misunderstanding but he also experienced the best of human nature.

Those who knew Brandon remember him as a handsome, gregarious, imaginative, non-stop talker with plenty to say, who was full of energy, wit, and humor. He had a gift for public speaking and shared his story of addiction with the public and media to help prevent addiction in others. Out on the streets and in grocery stores, Brandon often gave what little money he had to people, saying, “They needed it more.” 

Brandon was preceded in death by grandmothers Annabelle Pace Creer Sims and Aloa Rae Bean Patterson Ross Streight; grandfathers Allen Bradford Creer, Byron Sims, Theodore Otto Ross; and two uncles, Michael Ray Patterson, and Steven Pace (Kathy) Creer.

He is survived by partner, Laird Layne Johnson; father, Preston Allen (Lenise) Creer; mother, Roberta Ann Patterson (Ercell) Blain; grandfather, Robert Bruce (Dee) Patterson; three sisters and their spouses, Cailin Ann Creer (Dave) Scadden; Sallyann Creer (Mike Vashro); Karalee Creer (Arian) Baquero; brother, Seth Preston (Marie) Creer; Aunt Becky Creer (Fred) Trevey; Uncles, David (Donna) Ross, and Jeff (Zandra) Ross, and numerous other relatives.

In memory of Brandon, pray for those who suffer from mental illness and/or addictions, and please support programs within the community that help the mentally ill, addicted, and the homeless. Donations to Odyssey House, Deseret Industries, any LDS fund, Catholic Community Services, or homeless shelters would be a positive way to turn tragedy into triumph. There is peace in knowing Brandon is remembered through these worthwhile purposes.

Deepest appreciation is expressed to Layne Johnson, his partner of almost 25 years, who kept him alive and generously provided for all his needs. The family is also grateful for the medical personnel (especially Lisa Smith) at Denver Health, and all others, at various times, who saved his life and cared for and loved him even during those times when he wasn’t exactly his loveable self.

Internment in Meadow View Cemetery, Eden, Utah. A private family memorial will be held at a later date. Condolences can be sent to Layne Johnson, 5400 W Mississippi Ave Apt 9, Lakewood, CO 80226.

To see the worth of every soul as a child of God with infinite worth; to love despite their behavior, your expectations of them, or when they don’t fit into society’s tidy box, is to truly love as Jesus Christ did.

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