Moab lesbian couple found shot to death while camping

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A recently married lesbian couple from Moab was found by a friend out to look for them dead of gunshot wounds. The couple worked in Moab, but were homeless, living in campsites in the mountains near the town. The Grand County sheriff’s department, Utah’s State Bureau of Investigation, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and are collaborating to find how Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner were killed.

The couple was last seen at Woody’s Tavern on Saturday, Aug. 14. They told friends there that they were having to move their camp spot because they were camped near a “creeper dude.” When Schulte did not show up for her shift at the Moonflower Co-op and Beck hadn’t shown up for her shifts at McDonald’s, friends created a Facebook page asking people in the area to help find the couple. Schulte’s father, who lives in Montana, began calling people in the Moab area who knew the couple, begging for them to search for them. Police had already searched popular campgrounds in the area but hadn’t turned anything up.

On the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 18, Schulte’s coworker and friend Cindy Sue Hunter went out looking for them.

Hunter told the Moab Times-Independent that she then went into the La Sals with the plan of looking in places where the couple’s vehicle might have crashed off the road or in places where they might have become stuck.

Hunter said she spoke with people in the area during her search, but none said they had seen the couple.

After searching around popular campsites, Hunter said she spotted the couple’s car a few miles from Warner Lake.

“I’m going toward Sand Flats Road, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of silver through the trees and I saw a campsite down a tricky little side road. Very easy to miss. And that’s when I found their car,” Hunter told The Daily Beast.

She immediately called the Sheriff’s Department and Schulte’s father.

“I stopped my car and I called the police right then,” Hunter told the Times-Independent. “I told them, ‘I think I just found their car.’”

Hunter then looked around the campsite and “noticed a few things that were off.” She said she then came across what she believed was Schulte’s body. Police later found Beck’s body nearby.

Grand County Sheriff’s Lt. Shan Hackwell said in a statement on Aug. 18 that the bodies of two Moab women had been found in the South Mesa area of the La Sal Loop Road in Grand County, but declined to provide their names to press.

The sheriff’s office the next day issued a statement naming the couple and saying it believes there is “no current danger to the public,” fueling speculation on social media that this was a case of murder-suicide. Friends and family were adamant in their responses that would not be the case.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office later said investigators do not believe the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide, and that both women were killed by a third person.

Two GoFundMe campaigns were set up to help with the costs of funerals and moving the deceased’s bodies to their respective homes for burial.

No further statements from officials were available at press time.

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