Leaders of LGBTQ groups honored with Living Color awards

The third annual Living Color Gala honors individuals and organizations who are working toward a more equitable and inclusive future for our state. The awards are sponsored by Living Color Utah, a Salt Lake City Corp. project comprised of local minority chambers of commerce and business alliances.

These are LGBTQ+ individuals or organizations being honored this year:

Ariel Malan, MHA (she/her)
Program Coordinator at the University of Utah Health Transgender Health Program

“As the Transgender Health Program, our administrative team of three all identify as queer or trans and that representation means something to our communities. We’re creating the healthcare services and support that we deserve as a community. I want the visibility of queer and trans communities to be welcomed and for initiatives to be funded and supported at an institutional level. It’s important to know if our systems will support us even when it’s difficult.”

Roberto Lopez
Treasurer & Board Member at Project Rainbow Utah

“Our number one priority at Project Rainbow is advocacy through visibility. For that one child in the most rural parts of our state who is driving in the backseat of their parents’ car and passing out flags in their neighborhood, the one teen sneaking their mother’s heels to get that runway walk perfected, or the elderly couple that can sit on their porch watching that flag wave in their yard knowing that they made it… together. Providing these flags as beacons of hope spreads the message that we are here, that we are not alone, and that there is a community out here for everyone.”

Talia Keys
Music Director & musician at Talia Keys Music / Rock Camp SLC

“Our camp aims to bring marginalized genders to the forefront in the music industry. Less than 25 percent of the music industry identifies as female, even less trans and non-binary. We have kids coming to camp from all over and we aim to only diversify our camp more. The kids that I get to work with at Rock Camp SLC are so excited to learn music, make friends, and smash the patriarchy! They are bright, inclusive, and ready to change the world.”

The Living Color Gala will be held Thursday, Sept. 16, 5–8:30 p.m. at the Grand America Hotel with live cultural entertainment, silent auction, a three-course meal, and speeches from the honorees.

Tickets to the Living Color Gala are available at https://purchase.growtix.com/e/Living_Color_Gala_August_2021

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