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QScopes, October 2021

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​Put yourself first and focus on health and wellness. There could be a problem within that needs to be addressed. Reach out to friends to find inspiration on getting active. The best activities are done in groups.


Even if you’re confused about a personal issue, don’t fret too much about it. A family member is incredibly distracting. Spend time with them and get the focus out of your head. The solutions will seek you out. 


A former friend is going to be on your mind a lot. Things may not have ended well, but that doesn’t mean you need to hate them. It’s possible you just needed a break. You could reach out, but don’t waste much time. 


Things may not be perfect with a partner or buddy, but a sweet development could be in store. Focus on what you have in common and enjoy your time together. Feelings have a funny way of creating joy. 


Even if you can take charge, the question is whether you should. Take a step back and put the ball in the hand of another. They may serve in ways you didn’t anticipate. Satisfaction comes by being submissive.


There is a tendency to overthink the simplest situations. See the big picture instead of focusing on the small stuff, especially in work or business matters. At the end of the day, a focused solution requires precision. 


Ever have that feeling that everything is going perfectly? Probably not often, but it’s okay. There are finances to take care of as well as a personal issue. No matter what it is, be realistic and handle it firmly.


A divide in your attention could be due to a pleasant distraction. Whether you fancy someone or find a new hobby, get the work done first, then enjoy the rest as much as you’d like. Everything comes down to planning.


Nothing has ever been smooth regarding a loved one, but you always know they have you covered. So pass on tasks to reduce stress but keep a close eye on what is happening. It’s a good time for a change!


It has been challenging getting projects off the ground, but things will flow very smoothly during this time. So put ideas of perfection aside and just do the work. Perfection is for the end goal, not the start.


This is a good time for being spooky and diving into some fun. Be safe but realize that the holidays are going to open you to some creative possibilities. Even if you don’t go out, there is still plenty to do at home.


An annoyance may come in the form of a co-worker who doesn’t get your methods. Figure out what you want to take charge of and let go of issues that don’t really matter. It can feel good to release the burden.

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