November 2021 QScopes

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Whatever you’ve been up to, keep it up. This is a fun time for groups and being thankful. Even if you don’t have plans, make some goals that will bring you joy. You deserve to be happy right now so indulge.


The best way to get respect is to give it. There is someone in your life that is giving you a rough time but they may simply be reacting to your behavior. Be your best, but if you don’t get it back, move on. 


Get away for a bit if you can and see someplace nice. If traveling is not an option, then take the virtual path to exploration instead. Expand your horizons and get ready for good changes. They’re coming.


​Ever get the feeling that life is kind of dull? Spice it up with some good company and activities. There is much to do and people to see. Get involved with a hobby and seek out other like-minded people.


Don’t fail to see a great opportunity in front of you. There is a lot of fun to be had and perhaps even more. Be in the moment when the chance presents itself because good things don’t always stick around.


You might want to get back into a game you thought was long over. Win or lose, there is always something to be gained. A work-related matter will have you bothered but don’t let that hurt your feelings. 


Work on yourself and finding a sense of fun. Get involved with a partner or family member in making this season a good one. While you might have big ideas, it’s the small things that really matter to you.


A past relationship may be on your mind lately, and there is a keen sense that maybe things weren’t handled too well. Take a fresh look and decide whether the past should die or if there is something there.


Nothing has been smooth regarding a loved one, but you always know they have you covered. Pass on tasks in order to reduce stress but keep a close eye on what is happening. It’s a good time for a change!


There are people who care about you more than you realize. Take a moment to show gratitude but don’t lose yourself in the process. There is much you can give without sacrificing yourself. Share your time.


The long road is sometimes the best one, providing some great views and time for reflection. A personal matter that needs to be resolved has an answer you haven’t considered. But you can figure it out soon.


Nothing is going to change unless you change it. Don’t fret about stepping on toes because there is likely nobody there. Look for a party and let your hair down. The holiday season is a time of opportunity.

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