QScopes Dec 2021

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Whatever you are going through, it only feels like the world is ending. So embrace feelings of change and see through the chaos. Start by finding pleasure with others, and inner tranquility will follow shortly. 


There is a decision to be made regarding the career path. Your comfort zone is a safe one, but you don’t have to brave the storm without an umbrella. Utilize protective assets and delve into the unknown. 


A partner or close friend may be disagreeable, at least from your point of view. What you project can be reflected back. Announce that you will be to be more pleasing, and you will be pleased in return. 


Do what feels right, and don’t bow to pressure from others. Even if the world is a crazy place, your mind should be a safe space. Take time for yourself and clear your schedule for those who matter most. 


A seemingly difficult person may simply be struggling and needs your assistance. Provide a helping hand, and a connection will be made. Even if you don’t become best friends, there could be benefits. 


There is a first time for everything that happens, but some things are bound not to happen. Set your priorities and determine what goals have been overlooked. There is so little time, so utilize resources. 


There is a sense of boredom and it is a good time to remedy it. Attend a party or set a date with loved ones. Try spicing things up and keep your eye on prizes the season offers. Enjoy the holidays! 


It’s a time for new beginnings and acceptance. There is a lot of cheer to go around, and the best way to spread it is to be social. Don’t worry about past issues or try placing blame. Just have fun. Enjoy! 


Big plans are ahead, and it is best to get an early start. Friends and family are counting on you, but don’t let them intimidate you. Set an example of being calm, cool, and collected, and the rest will follow. 


Be clever but not too clever for your own good. There is something to be said about embracing a basic method. Be direct and grab life by the horns. Even if you can’t hold tight, you’ll have fun doing it. 


No one is having a more interesting time than you right now. It may not be entirely true, but for the moment, it seems that way. Help others get to where you are, throw a party or social, and celebrate! 


End the year by embracing resolutions. There is nothing wrong with getting ahead on your list. You might actually get what you want, even if that isn’t what you are expecting. Prepare to be surprised! 

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